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Health Leads

Health Leads uses Salesforce to manage relationships and keep a record of every hospital, donor, and volunteer interaction to address all patients’ needs.
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Transforming healthcare with Salesforce

Every day in America, doctors prescribe medication to patients who have no food at home or live in unsafe housing. Medicine alone won’t solve these problems, and many patients may return with more serious—and more expensive—illnesses. Health Leads believes that a different kind of healthcare system is possible for America: one that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care. And Salesforce is helping the organization achieve this vision.

In 20 health centers across the country, Health Leads enables doctors and other healthcare providers to “prescribe” basic resources like food and heat, and mobilizes nearly 1,000 college student advocates to “fill” prescriptions by connecting patients with the basic resources they need to be healthy. This year, Health Leads will help over 14,500 families lead healthier lives.

In its early days, Health Leads used spreadsheets and a database to track clients and available community resources, but difficulties entering and sharing data made it hard to track client progress. Today, everything from client data to information about community resources to advocate performance data is managed with Salesforce. Additionally, marketing, fundraising, business development, and communications staff use Sales Cloud to manage relationships and keep a record of every hospital, donor, and volunteer interaction.


“We’re trying to move healthcare to a model where providers are compensated not just for the number of procedures they perform, but for managing overall patient health. Salesforce helps us connect clients to resources and evaluate our impact,” explains Zach Goldstein, Director of Systems and Technology. “Salesforce is helping us make this new paradigm a reality.”

A customized Salesforce Community enables student advocates to easily conduct an intake with new clients, find community resources, and manage their current cases. The system is HIPAA-compliant, so advocates can share best practices, ask questions, and quickly get the answers they need. “Salesforce allows our advocates to communicate securely about our clients, which makes it easy for them to get support and solve client issues quickly.”

Leading the way to better healthcare

The new generation of healthcare is also stepping outside the boundaries of doctors’ offices. Advocates can access Salesforce from iPads so they can stay connected to their casework, help clients, and collaborate with Chatter from any location. With the Salesforce Platform app, they can easily view and update patient data, coordinate care with physicians, and find effective community resources.

“Our Advocates are on the front lines working with clients,” explains Goldstein. “They use Salesforce Communities every day to help make better health a reality.”