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Nonprofit Fundraising

Build lasting relationships with all supporters.

One Solution for Fundraising

Nurture Authentic Relationships

Empower Data-Driven Fundraising

Scan key metrics to see which channels, campaigns, and messages are working.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Unify teams with purpose built tools for all fundraising roles and channels.

How are Nonprofits using Salesforce for Fundraising?

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Products that Power Fundraising

A powerful solution with products and features that create a cohesive experience for both staff and supporters.

Salesforce products

The Platform

Salesforce for Nonprofits

Stakeholder 360 connects your marketing, development, programs, and IT teams with a single view of stakeholder data, helping you grow relationships with your stakeholders and your staff.

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“The ability to use Salesforce to gain a full view and understanding of the multiple ways that people come to us – that is what ultimately spoke to how we wanted to achieve our mission”

Jeffrey Klein,

Expand your knowledge and network.


Short courses that teach you everything about managing donors, income and more.

Trailblazer Community

Connect to Trailblazers around the world and give back together.

Explore more helpful resources.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Nonprofit Fundraising Success

The Nonprofit Fundraising Guide

Learn about how nonprofits can fundraise strategically and effectively in an ever-changing world.

The Guide to Nonprofit KPIs

Learn about how to define and use nonprofit KPIs to drive your fundraising & marketing performance.

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nonprofit marketing is an essential part of a fundraising strategy. Learn how to build an effective, scalable, nonprofit marketing strategy.

Learn how our fundraising platform can work for your nonprofit.


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Watch the Nonprofit fundraising demo.

See how one fundraising platform can create a more effective organization.