Salesforce provides the platform to drive stakeholder interactions, which helps ensure the right vaccines reach the right people. - David Nix, Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi

Gavi is harnessing the power of Salesforce to reach more children across the world with life-saving vaccinations

Gavi has helped vaccinate 500 million vulnerable children in lower-income countries since 2000. The benefits of its global immunisation programme go beyond simply preventing deaths: healthy families have greater earning power, and in turn are able to contribute more to their communities and drive better standards of living for future generations.

To protect the next 300 million children, Gavi not only needs to understand which vaccines are needed where, but also the challenges and issues that may arise in delivering them.

“We work with partners across 73 countries to deliver immunisation programmes to those in need,” explained David Nix, Chief Knowledge Officer. “Over the next five years our goal is to improve the coverage, equity and sustainability of these immunisation programmes.”

To achieve this, the management team at Gavi realised it needed to simplify interactions and processes with stakeholders such as health ministries from supported countries, representatives of UNICEF and WHO, government workers, donors, and vaccine manufacturers.

Managing these diverse relationships is complex and challenging. In particular, Gavi needed to provide real-time insight into grant applications and renewals to enhance and simplify the process. “The application process has been challenging. We were reliant on paper-based forms or Excel spreadsheets, requiring manual work to share the status of an application or renewal request.”

This started to change in November of 2015, when Gavi deployed a Country Portal using on the App Cloud, and Community Cloud. Gavi can now provide countries with real-time access to their grant status, analyse successes and make data-driven decisions. “Before, it could have taken up to 13 months to process a grant application,” explains Nix. “With the Country Portal we expect to improve this time by 25% by 2017. This means we can get life-saving vaccines to children faster.”

From application to vaccination

The Country Portal isn’t just a platform for Gavi staff and stakeholders to track their journeys; it also collects significant volumes of data. “When an application is approved for an immunisation programme we then track the performance of that programme in Salesforce. From there we can create reports that feed into a review process, and make smarter decisions on how to improve the programme for the following year,” says Nix.

This cycle of continuous improvement means best practices can be shared across countries so Gavi can reach more children with greater efficiency.

These kinds of efficiencies are vital to helping the alliance keep its administration overheads really low: with overheads of just 4%, compared to an industry average of around 20%, Gavi is a best practice example for the not-for-profit sector.

A healthier future

By making it easier to capture, collate and analyse information, Salesforce is bringing about a shift at Gavi, with the goal to further improve its efficiency. “We’re evolving from vaccine, immunisation and health system experts into a knowledge driven organization,” explained Nix. “For example, before a new vaccine is introduced in a country, Gavi will be able to inform decision makers at country level about the most effective ways to introduce this new vaccine.”

Salesforce also gives Gavi the agility to respond quickly. “A key value within Gavi is to be country driven. With access to real-time data, Gavi will be able to respond more quickly to country needs, whether routine or in an emergency,” says Nix.

This flexibility has become integral in Gavi’s long-term plans. For example, Gavi is currently working on a dose calculator powered by Salesforce to work out the costs of various types of vaccinations, which will help it ensure countries can design vaccine programs that meet their needs.

Next on the agenda is a Partner Community, through which Gavi will be able to collect insight from partners’ experiences on the ground too. “Gavi’s partners are essential to ensure the success of the immunisation programs in each country. The Partner Portal will help ensure the work on the ground is leveraging the best solutions available.”

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