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Young Enterprise Scotland

Youth enterprise organisation uses Salesforce to maximise fundraising and better manage programs and reporting
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Young Enterprise Scotland Scales with Salesforce

Young Enterprise Scotland is a well connected organisation that’s been in business for over 40 years and strives to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. Although the organisation knows what works when it comes to engaging and inspiring youth, it also knows that to reach its goals it needs a high performing system to help it’s lean team scale. Young Enterprise Scotland chose Salesforce to support them in this journey.

“We recognised that we needed a CRM system that worked across the whole of the organisation and gave us the capacity to manage our fundraising, communications and programmes, and to be able to build on that as we grow,” says Geoff Leask, Chief Executive at Young Enterprise Scotland.

“With increased funding challenges in the UK, it’s vitally important we see what activities are successful, and make sure our fundraisers have the right tools and information to accurately assess the moment to engage with funders,” says Leask. “Before Salesforce, it was nearly impossible to manage our fundraising.”

For Young Enterprise Scotland maximising its fundraising is hugely important as it directly impacts its ability to grow its programmes. “We’ve always aspired to support more than 10,000 young people per year, now we want to reach more than 15,000. Salesforce is a pivotal part of the sustainability and growth of the organisation,” says Geoff.

Young Enterprise Scotland

Reporting to the board and trustees is now also much easier. “Salesforce dashboards mean we can spend more time on our day to day activities and less time pulling reports. During our pipeline meetings, we have instant access to funding information – it’s helping us make important decisions for the future.”

Managing Programmes and Measuring Impact

With programmes spanning primary school to University, and a recently launched Social Enterprise, Yes Works, Young Enterprise Scotland needs to be able to manage information from multiple sources and most importantly, needs to be able to report on the impact of these programmes.

Salesforce allows Young Enterprise Scotland to manage everything from one central location where it can track participants, activities and volunteers. The organisation is also working towards a standard set of outcomes that it can focus on which will be consistent across all programmes and tracked in Salesforce.

With Salesforce, Young Enterprise Scotland can truly understand the impact it’s making and showcase the importance and value of its programmes to both the communities and people in Scotland and also to its trustees and funders.