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Trocaire scales its system and matches volunteers to projects and donations to initiatives with Salesforce
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Trócaire helps more people overcome poverty with Salesforce

Gone are the days when someone dropped a few coins in a charity box and thought no more of it. Today’s donors want to know where their money has gone and who it has helped. With Salesforce, charity Trócaire can show just that.


As Michael Duggan, CIO for Trócaire, explains: “Before Salesforce it could take up to a year from starting a project to getting feedback to our supporters. Now we have nearly 100 aid workers in Africa using tablets to gather data, which can then be shared through Salesforce within a few hours.”

Based in Ireland and backed by the Catholic Church, Trócaire helps to tackle poverty and injustice in the world. From distributing humanitarian aid in disaster zones to encouraging sustainable agriculture, Trócaire had a direct impact on the lives of more than 3.4 million people in 20 countries in 2013/14.

As with any not-for-profit organisation, Trócaire must ensure its resources are put to best use. “With Salesforce, we can make smart matches. We can match volunteers to projects. We can match donations to initiatives. And we can match action to causes,” comments Duggan.

A single view of every supporter

Trócaire has been using Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud since 2008 to track every transaction with its 600,000 supporters. This has enabled it to build a life model for these supporters, which helps target communications and shape future campaigns.

“We know that an 18-year-old student won’t have disposable income to spare, but may want to volunteer with us. When a person reaches 40, they may want to be more hands-on, or become more generous donors,” explains Duggan. “With Salesforce, we have a single view of every supporter, which means we can track the relationship whether it involves advocacy, donating or volunteering.”

Trócaire wants to make this visibility two-way by providing supporters with a personalised online dashboard that will chart their relationship with the organisation.
“Our goal is to move our entire website on to App Cloud, which will enable us to engage even more closely with our supporters and give them a more personal experience,” comments Duggan.

With limited IT resources, Salesforce provides Trócaire with a cost-effective way of scaling its systems and adapting its processes to meet the organisation’s changing needs. It can also tap into a range of innovative apps via the AppExchange, which can be implemented quickly for a low cost.

“Salesforce gives us the agility to evolve so we can raise more funds for our fight against poverty and injustice,” comments Duggan.

“We’ve been able to mobilise supporters, engage with influencers and ensure donations reach the people and projects that need it most.”