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“I am incredibly excited about this partnership and this programme. We are changing the course of history with this generation of girls.” - Anne­Marie Imafidon, Stemettes Founder

In collaboration with, UK-based organization Stemettes launches Outbox Incubator

Today, only 13% of all STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) jobs in the UK are occupied by women. Now in it’s second year of operation, the UK-based nonprofit Stemettes’ mission is to change that by promoting STEM education and delivering programs that focus on empowering girls. Salesforce Area Vice President, Melissa Di Donato, says “The UK technology industry is facing a well-documented skills shortage, yet the number of women studying computer science at university is at an all-time low. This ground-breaking programme will make a real difference when it comes to encouraging girls to consider a career in technology—it is opening up a tangible career path they can aspire to.”

Through a partnership with and a $200K grant, they launched the Outbox Incubator to inspire the next generation of female STEM entrepreneurs.This innovative program offers mentorship and financial support for girls age 11 through 22 who want to launch their own science or technology-based business. As a result of’s grant, over 270 girls will receive seed funding, intensive mentoring and ongoing support for their business ideas in the program’s first summer alone.

Founder Anne-Marie explains the importance of STEM education, in particular the need to ensure a gender balance in these fields, along with how Stemettes and Outbox Incubator seeks to tackle this: “Stemettes mission is to encourage girls to study STEM subjects and to follow STEM careers…our goal is to ensure all girls will be able to make informed decisions about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math so that women can be proportionally represented in these fields”.

Click here to learn more about’s grant program.

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