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“With Einstein Analytics, we’re now able to see that if a specific school district has lower test scores than another, we can re-allocate our resources and tutors to provide more assistance where it’s needed most” - Lola McCall, Salesforce Administrator, Reading Partners

Closing the achievement gap by helping students reach their full potential

Reading Partners is a nonprofit that fundamentally believes that the ability to read transforms lives and changes outcomes for children and communities. Their goal is to create lifelong readers which they do so through the support of volunteer, tutors and donations.

Reading Partners works with communities to provide students with proven, individualized reading support they need to read on grade level by fourth grade. They partner with under-resourced schools and engage volunteer reading partners to work one-on-one with students who struggle with reading. Nationwide, 90% of Reading Partners’ youngest students end the school year developing mastery of key foundational reading skills needed to read at grade level.

A Connected Nonprofit- tracking data on a single platform

Reading Partners began their journey with Salesforce in 2005, track their fundraising data on Sales Cloud . In 2008, they moved all of their programmatic data on volunteers and students into the system. Reading Partners was now handling all donations and grants, as well as tracking engagement with volunteers and students on one platform, giving them a 360 view of their operations. They later expanded their capabilities with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), enabling them to better manage their constituent and donor data as well as fundraising activities.

With increasing demands from both internal and external stakeholders to provide more accurate, transparent and efficient data tracking and reporting, Reading Partners decided to take their technology even further…“In today’s day and age, donors want to see the results of their funds before they actually donate.” says Lola McCall, Salesforce Administrator. Einstein Analytics was selected as the solution because it would provide interactive data visualizations to share with leadership, funders, and district partners so no matter who you were in the organization, you could understand Reading Partner’s progress towards goals and holistic impact.

Reading Partners performs gap analysis to allocate resources more effectively

One of the first use cases Reading Partners built out with Einstein Analytics was around student performance. This includes pulling in student record data from Sales Cloud and visually understanding overall student performance and how their test scores increase over time.

In addition, they can drill down into key metrics including region, state, school district, and individual schools to see how students are performing in that specific area. From here, it is easy to identify areas with lower performing scores and take proactive action.

“With Einstein Analytics, we’re now able to see that if a specific school district has lower test scores than another, we can re-allocate our resources and tutors to provide more assistance where it’s needed most” explains McCall. By understanding where additional resources would be most helpful, it also allows Reading Partners to adjust their fundraising strategy to make sure donations are focused on lower performing areas in need of additional support.

Showcasing ROI to potential donors with Einstein Analytics

Reading Partners was using NPSP reports and dashboards to illustrate their impact, but they wanted to take their insights to the next level. With Einstein Analytics, staff were able to pull out real-time data on student performance and understand the impact of their programs as a whole, with the click of a button.

In the future, Reading Partners aims to show potential donors student progress, including how students are performing against their goals. In addition, donors will have insight into where their funds have been invested and the impact they have had on students and within the community. “By showing existing donors the student progress, we will be able to show the real value they’re providing and ultimately retain donors and cultivate repeat donations” says McCall.

Centralizing student data helps achieve a full, 360 degree student view.

While Reading Partners student data lives inside Nonprofit Cloud, survey results from teachers and principles lives in a third party system- this includes education regulatory measures that live outside of Salesforce. Einstein Analytics has the ability to pull in data from external sources, enabling Reading Partners to centralize survey data and show data consistency for the first time ever. This allows Reading Partners to spend less time centralizing their data and more time focusing on actionable insights to create more lifelong readers.

More insights into fundraising progress in order to better achieve goals

The next step for Reading Partners is building out an Einstein dashboard to track fundraising progress. This will allow for employees to forecast in real time how their donations are looking by month, quarter, and year. By understanding historical and current fundraising data, Reading Partners can adjust their fundraising strategy proactively to make sure they are achieving donation goals.

“The possibilities to better understand our student and donor data with Einstein Analytics are endless. By having the right data in a single system, we can continue to strive towards our mission of closing the achievement gap and creating lifelong readers.” Lola McCall.

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