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Polaris Project

Polaris Project guides victims to freedom with Salesforce and mobile devices. Learn more.
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Polaris Project guides victims to freedom with Salesforce

Polaris Project, an organization dedicated to combating human-trafficking and modern-day slavery, wanted to increase their social impact by improving the speed and quality of its responses to human trafficking situations as well as its understanding of the issue through analysis of data collected from multiple programs. The case management, hotline, and policy teams tracked data separately; information was siloed in Excel spreadsheets, and they needed to quickly replace a paper-based system that was time-consuming and couldn’t keep pace with the increasing volume of confidential hotline calls.

Polaris Project considered Microsoft Dynamics, MySQL, and SugarCRM solutions, but chose Salesforce because of the system’s low cost, rapid deployment time, and ability to expand as the organization grew. With help from a consulting partner, they deployed the Enterprise Edition to case managers, executives, and hotline staffers in the U.S. and Japan. In just 9 weeks, they developed a new system using the Service Cloud and to capture case information from hotline calls that was previously recorded in 8-page paper documents. Additionally, web forms built using Sites are now used to capture reports of trafficking and automatically add them to Salesforce, and workflow rules ensure calls are correctly routed and get a prompt response.

With Salesforce CRM, Polaris Project case managers are now able to get 360 client views and track client cases through the system. With reports and dashboards, they get real-time views of the number of calls per month, number of calls per staff member, total number of clients being served at any time, and more. They can more easily fulfill the reporting requirements of government and other funders, and better demonstrate their impact to all of their supporters.