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"Salesforce CRM enhances our business intelligence capabilities and helps us improve productivity. Now we can identify contacts that have multiple relationships with us and target our marketing more effectively."

NYU Wagner makes the grade with the Sales Cloud

The Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is a top-ranked graduate school that educates the future leaders of domestic and international public, nonprofit, urban planning, and health institutions, as well as private organizations serving the public good. NYU Wagner wanted to consolidate contact records, coordinate external communications, streamline workflow, implement an events RSVP system, and review fellowship applications through a platform integrated with Wagner required an enterprise platform it could easily install, integrate with other systems, and update as its needs evolve.

After considering cloud computing solutions from Oracle, Netsuite, and Microsoft, Wagner chose for its robust technology platform and strong relationship with the nonprofit sector. Salesforce CRM eliminates the need for Wagner’s small IT group to focus on infrastructure and upgrades. With the Sales Cloud, Wagner quickly consolidated information on more than 45,000 contacts which can now be accessed by multiple Wagner units. And they developed a custom event management tool that enables RSVP forms to be published directly to Wagner’s web site. Attendance information is automatically added to significantly streamlining the event planning process and capturing real-time metrics. Finally, using, Wagner created custom apps for: office space and equipment management, proposal management, and program applications.

Having a common business platform has facilitated enhanced collaboration among diverse Wagner units as well as increased the efficiency of the school’s research and administrative divisions. Salesforce CRM has also helped Wagner units identify and leverage relationships between individual and organizational partners, and understand Wagner’s connection to these audiences for more efficient and impactful marketing. Finally, having access to real-time information has improved their planning and decision making.

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