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"With Philanthropy Cloud, we have access to so much rich and robust data that we didn’t have before." - Stephanie Slingerland, Global Philanthropy & Social Impact Lead, Kellogg Company

Making CSR data-driven and more digitally engaging to employees

Kellogg Company has always maintained that a critical component of a good business is doing good for society. That’s why it launched Kellogg’s® Better Days global purpose platform, which addresses wellbeing, food security, and climate, to help end hunger and create Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. 

Even with a fully developed program serving up millions of meals per year, Stephanie Slingerland, Kellogg’s head of philanthropy and social impact, struggled to gain visibility into which volunteer activities were engaging employees. She had limited insight into employees’ participation and therefore couldn’t identify champions, the key cheerleaders in any organization who help recruit volunteers.

In addition, employees had no centralized place to find giving and volunteering opportunities . Instead, they were relying on emails and searching multiple systems, often resulting in missed opportunities.

Kellogg, with the help of United Way, implemented Philanthropy Cloud and branded it “Kellogg’s Better Days Hub.” The Better Days Hub provides Kellogg’s employees a centralized place for all things giving and volunteering. Employees can learn about Kellogg’s engagement activities, including food drives, meal packing events, and volunteering at local food banks. They can also donate funds to the program’s campaigns or to the charities of their choice. Because Philanthropy Cloud is a marketplace for all nonprofit organizations, employees are free to give time or money to whatever cause or organization they wish.

All told, 80% of Kellogg employees found the platform user-friendly and similar to consumer apps. As for Stephanie, she was finally able to manage her program by relying on the data. With Philanthropy Cloud, she had access to more granular data, helping her decipher which volunteer opportunities were resonating with employees. 

She was also able to identify champions and delegate content management to them, greatly alleviating her workload. Philanthropy Cloud grants select employees the ability to create content within the platform, so those who are most enthusiastic can mobilize their colleagues. 

With Philanthropy Cloud, Kellogg is now able to…

  • Provide a one-stop shop for employees looking to give back
  • See what causes, activities, and funds employees are most interested in
  • Give employees an easy way to donate to and volunteer with any nonprofit, not just its own foundation
  • Identify champions to help create compelling content for fellow employees

With Kellogg’s Better Days Hub, powered by Philanthropy Cloud, Kellogg continues to grow the Better Days program, nourishing families, so they can flourish and thrive. and United Way are committed to developing businesses into platforms of change, empowering employees and customers to put their values into action.

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