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Ayuda en Acción

International Development Agency, Ayuda en Acción chooses the Nonprofit Success Pack as a global platform for its fundraising activities.
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Ayuda en Acción Ramps up Regional Fundraising with Nonprofit Success Pack

Ayuda en Acción is an international development agency that operates in 21 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia and has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The organisation manages long-term country level programs around health, education, women’s rights, local economic development and emergency response. To do this successfully and to maximise its impact, Ayuda en Acción needs to generate as much financial support as possible via fundraising.

In 2014, leadership decided to give more autonomy to its regional offices in Latin America which now execute and manage their own fundraising efforts. To succeed with this, the organisation knew it needed to update its technology systems and offer regional teams a platform which was easy to use, helped drive constituent and donor engagement and was able to scale with the organisation. Indeed, its goal is to eventually have all their offices on Salesforce.


“We chose’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) because of its flexibility and because it’s tailored for nonprofit organisations – this made the implementation time much shorter,” said Salvador Martínez Vicent, IT Project Manager at Ayuda en Acción. “This is just the start of a full-scale transformation project for us – we needed a solution that could support that, and found it in Salesforce.”

A complete view of every engagement

Ayuda en Acción’s regional teams now have all their donor and donation information in NPSP. Pledges are made at a project level, and with NPSP, the organisation can measure the impact of every dollar it raises against a particular project. NPSP also gives the team full visibility of its constituents, helping the team to drive deeper engagement and better manage some of its more complex relationships.

“NPSP’s data architecture enables us to connect contacts to multiple projects and activities,” said Salvador. “That means that one contact can be a volunteer, a donor, and a child sponsor – and we can have all that information in one contact record, not duplicated. This transparent view allows the teams to develop a better understanding of their contacts and intelligently manage communications and engagement.”

One of the organisation’s main programs is child sponsorship. They use Salesforce to manage engagement with sponsors and to update them on the children’s progression. Using an offline data capture tool that’s integrated with Salesforce, program managers can collect impact data in the field and sync it with projects within Salesforce. They then use a Mailchimp integration to provide regular updates to sponsors via Salesforce.

Impact and fundraising reporting

An important feature of NPSP for Ayuda en Acción is its reporting capability. “NPSP gives local teams the power to do their own reporting without having to rely on the HQ team in Madrid,” said Salvador. “Regular reporting on fundraising goals helps both local teams and the leadership forecast for the months ahead and gives us direction on where to focus our efforts.”

Creating one global data hub

The next step for Ayuda en Acción is to create a global solution on NPSP to support its entire organisation. Already in development, the team will launch the deployment in the next few months.

Within the global project the team has plans to develop a call centre using Salesforce Service Cloud and also to migrate its grantmaking function onto Salesforce.