"The Nonprofit Success Pack is now the foundation for our programs and we’re able to serve more clients because of improved efficiencies. It has decreased our client intake time by 62% at one facility and an entire day of data entry has been eliminated." - Heather Webster, CRM Specialist, Atlanta Mission

An 80 Year Old Organization Transforms Digitally with the NPSP

Founded during the Great Depression, Atlanta Mission has worked to end homelessness in the Atlanta metropolitan area for close to 80 years. Benefiting men, women, and children, it provides multiple programs across four sites in the metropolitan area, each serving different segments of the homeless population and employ a holistic, customized, approach to address each individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational needs.

Comprised of over 65 counselors, social workers, program directors, administrators, and community living assistants across four different facilities, the organization faced significant challenges in aligning their current case management system. With four different tracking methods and a variety of spreadsheets, municipal databases, files, and handwritten notes, data was frequently out-of-date or missing. This contributed to ineffective team coordination and communication, and a diminished client experience. Says Heather Webster, CRM Specialist: “There was no central repository, varying data and results, a lot of human error, ineffective communications between staff, but ultimately, we were challenged to serve our clients the way we wanted.”

Transformed to serve

Selecting the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP as the foundation for its programs, Atlanta Mission was able to bring its transformational client care model to life and create a central repository for clients and programs. Webster customized the Nonprofit Success Pack easily to meet their unique programmatic needs. Webster created several custom objects to capture, track, and coordinate information around clients that can be shared and collaborated on across teams in different facilities. Customizations on the contact record as well as custom objects to manage intake and bed assignments across their different facilities provide up-to-the-moment information on clients and shelter capacity. An additional custom object allows the specialists at Atlanta Mission to create personalized service plans centered around individual client goals. “Data is so powerful, and—for our program—that has been really helpful,” says Webster.

Measured impact. Amplified effect.

After implementation, Atlanta Mission began realizing improvements in programs across the organization. The time it took for client intake was cut by 62% at one facility and an entire day of data entry has been eliminated. “Implementing Salesforce has helped bring issues to light quicker, and has been really helpful operationally. We’re able to serve more clients because of improved efficiencies,” says Webster. At another facility, having a central repository of client and program data in Salesforce helped staff demonstrate and track the number of clients that were being served in a given day, showing more than three times the expected number of clients were being served at a the women’s facility. This helps staff plan for the day and create a strategy for the year on how many clients they can expect at any given location where they’re providing shelter and holistic services. According to Webster, “We know, as a nonprofit, that our staff works really hard. When it comes to making decisions about when to hire staff, we now have the numbers to put in front of management and back it up.”

“Before implementing Salesforce, we did not have sufficient information to understand the needs of the men, women, and children coming to our facilities. Now we are able to use data to manage our operation and provide better services to meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness in Atlanta.”

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