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Nonprofit Trends Report, 5th Edition cover

Nonprofits are achieving success and keeping employees engaged. See how.

Get insights into global nonprofit trends from 1,600 nonprofit managers and executives.

Digitally mature nonprofits exceed their organizational goals.

  • 4x
    more likely to have exceeded mission goals
  • 2x
    more likely to have exceeded fundraising goals
  • 2x
    more likely to have exceeded program goals

Five nonprofit trends to watch.

Nonprofits are cautiously optimistic.

Technology accelerates progress.

Digitally mature nonprofits engage employees.

Successful nonprofits have motivated teams.

DEI helps create resilience.

See the nonprofit research dashboard.

Explore the findings by country in this Tableau dashboard. See results from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., and the United States.

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Employee Retention

Digitally mature nonprofits have more engaged employees.

Digitally mature nonprofits are:

  • 4x more likely to have highly motivated employees
  • 2x more likely to report a healthy organizational culture
  • 2x more likely to be optimistic about the future of the organization
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“Data isn’t just for reporting. It’s for making the critical decisions that improve the quality of programs and put relationships at the center.”

Brandi Adams,
VP, Advancement, Chinese American Service League

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