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Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The foundation of Nonprofit Cloud with powerful fundraising and constituent engagement features.

NPSP organizes constituent, fundraising, and program data for nonprofits.

NPSP Features

The key features of Nonprofit Success Pack help you organize consistent data in a more meaningful way.


Accelerate Fundraising with NPSP.

  • Constituent Relationship Management: Connect with volunteers, donors, and clients in one place.
  • Reports: Visualize reports in simple dashboards to understand performance. NPSP comes with over 70 industry reports and dashboards.
  • Recurring Donations: Manage sustainer revenue from committed supporters and better forecast revenue.
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Program Management

Connect Programs to NPSP.

  • Program Tracking: Program Management Module (PMM) provides a standard framework to track any type of program or service, regardless of complexity.
  • Services Tracking: Track individual service deliveries and to view how those services connect across the overall program.
  • Cohorts: Assign program participants into segments based on attributes like season, class, or funder.
  • Recurring Services and Attendance: Service schedules allow program staff to set up multiple offerings of the same service and track attendance.
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Drive marketing and engagement.

  • Personalized Content: Use your own data in NPSP to create segmented communications and personalized content in Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits.
  • Emails from Templates: Use pre-built templates inside of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits to send personalized emails in just a few clicks that are clean, streamlined, and eye-catching on any device.

The Platform

A Donor’s Journey with Salesforce

Stakeholder 360 unites your marketing, fundraising, programs, and IT teams on one integrated platform, helping you grow relationships with your stakeholders.

Customer Story: The Center

The Center’s technological transformation reveals a 360-degree view of their mission.

A transition to Salesforce and NPSP allowed The Center to gain a holistic view of their community. Watch how NPSP reporting features for example have transformed the way they measure impact and make decisions to exceed their goals.

NPSP Resources

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Additional Support Services

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Let’s get started.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) was built for, and with, our community of over 47,000 nonprofits. Sign up for a 30-day trial or get in touch with an expert to unlock the value of NPSP.