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Integrate payments with a fundraising suite that improves the administrator and donor experience.


The Power of Us Edition of Elevate is now available.

 This new edition includes payments and fundraising connected to your Stripe account for payments in U.S. dollars.

An Integrated Solution for Fundraising

Elevate provides a seamless management interface for U.S.-based organizations* to engage donors and alumni while streamlining payments, CRM, and accounting. Customers outside of the U.S. have the power of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Elevate Features:

Giving Pages

Create Giving Pages to Accept Donations

  • Launch Giving Pages in Minutes: Easily launch mobile-ready donation forms with custom fields that match your online presence and are designed to maximize donations. Create as many as you like, and use them on your site or as standalone pages.
  • Maximize Donations: Ensure maximum giving by letting donors cover processing fees, allowing for fund designations, and providing the option of a one-time donation or a recurring gift.
  • Customize Ask Ladders: Leverage prebuilt ask ladders or set the number of asks, amounts, and frequency. Describe the impact of each amount, and default to recurring donations.
  • Integrate Google Analytics: Identify top-performing Giving Pages by pushing source code tracking into Elevate; leverage hidden fields on Giving Pages for additional tracking through to NPSP.
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Payment Services

Integrate Payment Services into NPSP

  • Process Payments End-to-End: Connect your existing gateway to accept U.S.-dollar donations online and directly in NPSP via multiple payment methods, including PayPal Checkout.
  • Connect Any Web Page: Accept payments on a custom donation page or other web page to integrate payments into NPSP using our extensible Payments API.
  • View All Data in NPSP: Ensure accuracy and streamline reconciliation with all donation data in Salesforce: Gifts automatically correspond with the general accounting unit, and funds correspond to campaign IDs.
  • Strengthen Security and Scalability: Rest assured that Payment Services can handle your largest events. Payment Services meets all industry-leading compliance standards: PCI compliance Level 1, GDPR, and CCPA.
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Recurring Donors

View All Recurring Donors in One Place

  • Manage Recurring Donations: Perform single or recurring credit card transactions with the ability to cancel or edit recurring donations in NPSP.
  • Save Your Staff Time with Automation: Automatically process recurring donations and notify admins and sustaining donors when recurring payments fail.
  • Import Existing Sustainers: Consolidate your recurring donors in one place using our import functionality to pull existing sustaining donors into NPSP.
  • Notify Staff and Donors: Customize and brand receipts, and opt to have them generated and sent automatically. Plus, manage receipts and recurring gifts in the Admin Console or directly in NPSP.
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Personalized Pages

Personalize Pages

  • Integrate with Your Marketing Platform: Use a marketing tool that integrates with the Nonprofit Success Pack, such as Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits.
  • Offer Ladders for Each Donor: Create an ask ladder for each donor based on prior giving history in NPSP.
  • Prefill Donation Fields: Increase donation form conversion by populating fields on Giving Pages from the URL, such as name and email address.
  • Leverage an Elevate-Specific Email: Use an email template in Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits across multiple journeys to direct the donor to a personalized page to increase conversion.
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Get Started With Flexible Options

  • Use Elevate with Stripe: Start fundraising with the Power of Us Edition with no upfront costs. Fees are 3% of the amount of funds raised plus payment processing fees, and you can give donors the option to cover fees.
  • Expand to Advanced Needs: Use the Advanced Edition for higher processing volumes, lower transaction fees, and more payment gateway choices. Contact your account executive.
  • Discover Global Options: If you are operating outside the U.S., fundraising in multiple currencies, have additional needs, learn more about our ecosystem of partners.

The Platform

A Complete Fundraising Solution

Connect donor communication to payments and gift processing, donor stewardship, and all the way through to the back office and accounting.

Our Elevate Community

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“I knocked out what would have been a two-day process in 30 minutes. The hardest part was trying to figure out what background image to use.” Rev. Bill Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Concordia Theological Seminary
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Get Started Today

Elevate is a suite of integrated offerings that gives organizations a new way to convert visitors into committed advocates. Watch our demo or get in touch with an expert to unlock the value of Elevate.

* Payment Services and Giving Pages (known together as Elevate) are made available to United States–based customers transacting in U.S. dollars. Customers outside of the U.S. have the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. Elevate does not support switching between Advanced Edition and Power of Us Edition at this time.