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Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

Philanthropy is evolving and the right grantmaking technology helps ensure that communities receive the investments they need to build resilience for an ever-changing world. Nonprofit Cloud enables grantmakers to manage their entire philanthropic giving with solutions for grants management, communications, grantee engagement, and more.

Features & Benefits

Grants Management Funding Program profile on a desktop

Build Better Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of grantmaking. With Salesforce, grantors leverage the world’s #1 constituent relationship management system (CRM) to manage all relationships with applicants and grantees, portfolio managers, board members, collaborators, reviewers, media, and more. And because their contacts and funding programs are managed in the same system, grantmakers can better steward relationships.

Pardot’s grantee onboarding flow chart feature on a desktop

Engage with key stakeholders

Grantmakers get a pulse on what’s top of mind for the social sector to help inform their grantmaking portfolio with Social Studio. Make sure prospective, current, and past grantees get the information they need when they need it with personalized communications with Pardot. Automated so staff don’t have to click send on every email.

Grants Management Funding Program scheduling recurring payments module on a desktop

Manage Grant Programs

Keeping track of grants is time-consuming for grantmakers and for their grantees. With Salesforce Grants Management, grantmakers deliver funding programs to accelerate their investments in the community. Grantmakers make it easy for grantees to engage with them using a customized Grantee Portal that can be spun up in only fifteen minutes. Grantees can find and apply for funding, report back on outcomes, and view disbursement schedules anywhere, anytime.

A Grantee Portal website with collaborative tools powered by Salesforce CRM technology on a desktop

Create Community Offline and Online

In addition to the Grantee Portal, more robust collaboration and tools are available using Experience Cloud. Grantees can access self-service content to navigate the grant lifecycle and even connect directly with grantmaking staff, outside of their email. Create a space for grantees to come together, share best practices, network, and learn from each other. 

Salesforce AppExchange store on a desktop showing apps to add additional functionality to your Salesforce instance

Connect all of the dots

Think of the Salesforce AppExchange like a phone’s app store. With thousands of apps to choose from, grantmakers can add additional functionality that directly integrates with Salesforce so all business processes are connected and they save on IT costs. From document management to accounting, and so much more.

Grants performance dashboard on a desktop showing the effects and performance of your philanthropic program

Become a smarter grantmaker

Imagine if grantmakers could know what types of programs perform better so they can target the ideal grantees, adjust their funding portfolios to programs that are most effective or predict which programs would be affected most when a pandemic hits. Tableau takes reporting to the next level by analyzing trends to make data-driven decisions on how to make grant dollars go further.

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