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Create donor-centric experiences with a fundraising platform.

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Gain a Unified View of Supporters

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising gives you a holistic view of constituents with trusted, cleansed data, so you can connect more effectively with the right supporters. Fundraisers are better prepared to adapt to fund their mission through changing times, always trusting their mission-critical data is secure.

Features & Benefits

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Nonprofit Cloud provides a full 360-degree view of every aspect of a nonprofit’s mission – from donors to programs to impact reporting. Learn how nonprofits are thinking about what they want in a CRM and how Nonprofit Cloud is helping them reach their goals.

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Digital-First Strategies for End-of-Year Fundraising

Fundraisers need to become more agile in an unpredictable world. A digital-first strategy allows you to connect with your constituents wherever they are with personalized communications across channels, which helps you raise more money at less time and cost. Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising is fundraising software that unlocks ways to build lasting relationships through memorable digital experiences, events, and online fundraising.

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Grow Donor Relationships More Effectively

Today’s donors expect more from the nonprofits they support, with personalized outreach based on their passion. With fundraising technology built on the world’s #1 CRM, you can build meaningful relationships between your organization, communicate the right message at the right time, and delight donors with the real impact of your work. The result is that fundraisers can grow diversified revenue in less time. See the EMEA and APAC snapshots.

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Drive Decisions with Data

Fundraisers run many activities to hit their revenue targets, and need to report their success to the organizations’ leadership. The right fundraising reporting and analytics software can serve up data and insights, helping professionals see which appeals are most effective. This single source of truth allows fundraisers to see all types of funding in one place, and even connect to accounting systems.

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Build Resiliency, Adapt, and Ensure Security

The way we interact in our personal and professional lives evolves every year. How we fundraise is also changing quickly as we adopt new technologies, adapt to regulations, and avoid new threats. Now is the time to ensure your organization’s resilience, security, and ability to adapt to whatever comes next.

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Fundraise Globally at Scale

Nonprofit Cloud is used by tens of thousands of organizations of every size that operate around the world, with many regional partners, helping nonprofits realize their vision. Product availability might vary by region. * Payment Services and Giving Pages (known together as Elevate) is limited to United States-based customers transacting in U.S. dollars. Insights Platform Data Integrity language localization and availability of the NCOA feature differ by country. Please contact us for specific availability.

Build A Structured & Effective Approach to Operating in a Crisis.

Whether you face an economic or public health crisis, we have tools to support your needs.

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