Nonprofit Cloud Case Management.

Provide personalized client services.

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A Single View of Your Clients, Services, and Programs

Nonprofit Cloud Case Management enables service providers to understand exactly where a client is in their journey through an organization’s programs and guide them through next steps. Having programs, services, and clients in a single system helps service providers manage large caseloads while maintaining personalized care, ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

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Features & Benefits

Client Intake in progress in Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, shown on a desktop

Simplify Intake and Referrals

In a time when the demand for services is higher than ever, reduce the time and steps needed to enroll a client. Streamline intake with pre-configured templates that differ by program and start delivering services or easily refer them to another organization.

Nonprofit Cloud Case Management Home Page

Start Your Day Off Right

The Case Manager Home Page gives service providers a snapshot of upcoming client meetings, tasks, or incidents that are in need of their immediate attention. With lots of demands on their time, this helps service providers plan out their day.

Job Readiness Case Plan

Personalize Case Plans and Assess Progress

Case plans help service providers keep their clients on track. With just a few clicks in the case management tool, service providers can select from commonly used goals and action items or create custom ones unique to their clients’ needs. In a single view, providers can track what’s complete and what’s still outstanding. Assessments help service providers understand clients’ progress throughout the program.

Draft of case note in Nonprofit Case Management

Draft and Tag Case Notes

Case notes are part of a service provider’s daily operations and Case Management is designed to make it as easy as possible. Service providers can create a note from a pre-configured template that differs by program so they no longer have to remember the specific information they need to capture for each note. They can save it as a draft to come back to later and tag notes with specific topics so they’re easier to find later on.

Client search in Nonprofit Case Management

Intuitively Search for Clients

Service providers can ensure they are updating the right record by searching a refined list of clients. Search by legal or preferred name, client ID, or birth date.

Setting up Recurring Services for a Tue & Thu Reading Group through Nonprofit Cloud Case Management on a desktop

Set Up Recurring Services and Track Attendance

Save time and manual data entry when setting up recurring services for groups or individual participants and tracking attendance. Service schedules allow program staff to setup multiple offerings of the same service (eg. a Monday & Wednesday Group and a Tuesday & Thursday Group).

Visualization of a program performance over time in with Tableau Start Dashboards for Program Management

Visualize Outcomes and Identify Trends

Nonprofits have limited time and resources and need to make sure they’re spending them the right way, especially when when they’re working with large caseload of clients. It is easier than ever to start viewing and analyzing program data whether an organization simply wants to tell funders how many clients they served this month or take a long view of trends in their data with Tableau Starter Dashboards for Program Management.

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