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The path to graduation looks different for every student. Now more than ever, providing holistic student support is key to each child’s success. Student Success Hub helps schools deliver equitable support by connecting students with the services they need to thrive. Built on the #1 CRM, Student Success Hub brings the latest Education Cloud for K-12 innovations to your teams so they can support the whole student, visualize progress, intervene collaboratively, and measure key outcomes.

Features & Benefits

Student Success Hub’s student profile on a desktop, featuring a student and her success team

360° Student Profiles

Gain a 360° view of each student–from attendance and grades to the services a student receives, household information, and more–all in one place. Teams can easily collaborate on a unified student record over time, add notes, and track support activities to create more informed interactions with students and provide the right services at the right time.

A mobile phone displaying an alert through Student Success Hub for a student that is at risk of not graduating on time

Data-Informed Alerts

Bring multiple data points together to determine which students are at risk. Create custom alerts and automatic follow-up tasks using clicks, not code, and receive predictive alerts based on attendance, behavior, and more. Easily go from alert to action to quickly support students.

Student Success Hub’s Success Plan feature on a desktop, showing a success plan for K-12 student

Student Success Plans

Assign student success plans with customizable sets of tasks for common interventions and support scenarios so that staff always have a clear plan of action and are never wondering what’s next or who’s on point. Build personalized success plans and actively collaborate with students, families, and staff to help ensure each child receives support that is unique to their needs.

Adding a success team member to a student’s profile in Student Success Hub on a desktop

Collaborative Case Management

Enable multi-disciplinary student support staff to collaborate while limiting sensitive information to those who are directly working with each child. Securely chat, assign tasks, share notes, and refine success plans with key milestones, all from one place.

Student Success Hub Program Management Module used to assign a struggling student to a program, shown on a desktop

Program, Cohort, and Services Tracking

Manage all of your programs with Program Management Module, a free add-on that works seamlessly alongside Student Success Hub. Assign program participants into cohorts based on test scores and survey responses or attributes like school, academic year, and more to monitor cohorts. Easily track individual service deliveries and view how those services connect across the overall program.

Student Success Hub reporting dashboard with diversity graphs, key metrics tables, and risk level charts

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Create customizable reports to track and measure student progress, as well as participation in programs, interventions, and success plans. Monitor the impact of interventions and programs to see what’s working and make data-driven decisions. Utilize these insights to drive continuous and evidence-based improvement to help each student thrive.

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