K-12 Architecture Kit for Salesforce.

Connect people, processes, and data.

The Foundation of Education Cloud for K-12

Salesforce’s K-12 Architecture Kit is the foundation for schools and districts to connect people, processes, and data. An open-source managed package built on the world’s #1 CRM platform and aligned to the Ed-Fi Alliance data standard, K-12 Architecture Kit gives you a flexible framework to scale innovation within your organization--from customizable reports and dashboards to plug-and-play third-party apps and custom app development. It’s not just the foundation of Education Cloud for K-12--it’s the starting point for whatever your organization needs as it grows and priorities shift. Collaborate around 360-degree views of student needs and outcomes, better engage families, and operationalize improvement efforts.

Features & Benefits

K-12 Architecture Kit - Get started with Salesforce faster

Get from problem to solution faster

K-12 Architecture Kit provides an out-of-the-box data model for schools. Get up and running on Education Cloud faster with pre-built objects and page layouts.

K-12 Architecture Kit - Easily customize to your unique needs

Easily customize to your unique needs

K-12 Architecture Kit provides a flexible and extensible architecture that grows as your organization’s needs grow. Further tailor it to the specific requirements of your school(s): With clicks not code and easy drag-and-drop tools, create custom apps and pages that support your unique educational model.

K-12 Architecture Kit - Manage students holistically and collaboratively

Manage students holistically and collaboratively

Because K-12 Architecture Kit is aligned to the Ed-Fi Alliance data standard, its holistic data model can help you track student relationships with educators, staff, and family members as well as their participation in classes, programs, and extracurriculars–to gain a 360-degree view of their interests, needs, and progress. Create new groups for teams on the fly. Set up automatic alerts and processes that align to how your teams need to engage with one another to intervene early. Provide school leaders, educators, and parents with real-time student insights. Enable secure, asynchronous notes and messaging so staff always know exactly where students are at and what supports are needed next.

K-12 Architecture Kit - Harness the K12 partner ecosystem

Harness the K-12 partner ecosystem

Tap the power of the Salesforce AppExchange for apps for enrollment management, postsecondary success coaching, event ticketing, fundraising, and more. Choose from a multitude of Salesforce-certified implementation partners with product and K-12 industry expertise. Collaborate with a thriving online community of innovative education technologists on the Power of Us Hub.

K-12 Architecture Kit - Plug into an innovative platform

Plug into an innovative platform

Benefit from the continuous innovation of the world’s #1 CRM platform. Every update–including three major releases per year–is in the cloud, so there’s no worrying about updating software. With K-12 Architecture Kit, your school or district will always be on the latest technology–from security and privacy to AI and multi-channel engagement.

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