Admissions and Enrollment

Simplify the School Application, Registration, Enrollment, and Placement Process

Keep Families Engaged and Informed From Start to Finish

Keep Families Engaged and Informed From Start to Finish

With the growing smartphone-ready population, school systems looking to drive enrollment and streamline parent communications need to enable online processes. Schools and districts can leverage Salesforce to administer their application, registration, enrollment, placement and parent communication processes all from one customizable and mobile-ready platform. Our Admissions and Enrollment solutions will reduce data quality errors while providing parents with a more transparent and personalized experience that is available to them on the go.

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Admissions and Enrollment
"Salesforce has given us so much more of an ability to connect with families... We’re able to take something impersonal and make it personal. That’s the biggest advantage of Salesforce for us. " – Jonathan Lim, Associate Director of Admissions, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

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Features and Benefits

Online and Mobile-Ready Convenience

Paper processes lead to lost time, frustrated staff, and data-entry errors. Nowadays parents are accustomed to getting things done online and at their convenience. Use our online platform and customizable mobile app to put every part of your admissions and enrollment process right into your parents’ hands.

Flexible Workflows and Customizable Forms

Whether you offer school choice, use a lottery system, assign schools by neighborhood, or use another method to match students with schools, Salesforce’s automated workflows can be configured to provide a secure and streamlined experience for your families. Meanwhile, our customizable forms allow you to collect the information you need when you need it.

Automated SIS Integration and Data Validation

With Salesforce, data can be validated at the time of enrollment and seamlessly migrated into your SIS. Easily spot missing data and discrepancies as you go. No more manual data entry errors or struggling to move data between multiple vendors and products in order to get your job done.

Scalable Support

Provide peace of mind with automated, real-time status updates. Enable parents to easily find answers to frequently asked questions via online portals and allow staff to provide detailed answers to more complex issues using instant, multi-channel communication tools.

Enrollment and Admissions Insights

Measure. Group. Filter. View. Share. Five actions let you unlock limitless insights relating to your admissions and enrollment trends. With Salesforce, you easily see these insights right from your phone. Is AP enrollment equitable among student groups? Are we trending in the right direction? Get answers and share findings. Use customizable, real-time dashboards to lead data-informed conversations and drive strategies that improve outcomes.