Innovate with us. Impact Labs is a collaborative program to co-design innovative technology solutions that address the toughest social issues facing us today.

Impact Labs

Innovating Together Impact Labs is a place for cross-sector collaboration.

We believe innovation is part creativity and part risk — both things nonprofits, universities, schools and philanthropies don’t always have the luxury to explore. We combine the expertise of nonprofits and educators with the power of the Salesforce ecosystem to take risks, find new solutions, and address complex social issues together.

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Addressing Challenges

Addressing Challenges

What type of social issues do we take on?

We collaborate on the biggest, most complex social challenges. We tackle big questions like, “how might we ensure sustainable access to nutritious food for children where they live and learn?” and “How might we improve healthcare delivery to mothers in rural populations?”

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Challenge Selection

How will we select challenges?

1. We select challenges aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

2. We take a fail-forward, iterative approach, and are looking to launch a solutions in less than a year.

3. We invest in areas where there is the most demand from nonprofits and educational institutions.

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Challenge 1: Housing & Homelessness

How might we improve access to vital services for people experiencing homelessness?

To address this issue, 17 community members from nonprofits, higher ed and public agencies worked together to research and co-design Service Match, an open-source app available for download on the AppExchange. For case managers, Service Match streamlines the process of finding, making, and following up on service referrals to clients.

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Challenge 2: Equity in Education

How might we drive equity in post-secondary education for Black and Latinx learners?

Our current Impact Lab brings together 15 individuals representing community colleges, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), student success-oriented nonprofit organizations, K-12 schools, and research institutions. Together, we are identifying ways to support Black and Latinx learners getting to and through their first year of post-secondary education. In research report, we outline five technology design principles for promoting equity in education.

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How it works.

Share Challenges

Tell us what social issue you think could be impacted through technology advancements.

Convene Changemakers

We select a challenge and gather community members to address it through a collaborative design sprint.

Develop Tech Solutions

We test ideas with the community before coding and launching solutions for all to use.


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