Salesforce Advisor Link: Designed for the Art of Advising

Salesforce Advisor Link: Designed for the Art of Advising

Transform the Student Experience

Transform the Student Experience

Advising is at the center of student success. Students want advisors to understand their whole story, from academics to personal challenges to career goals. They need a copilot for their journey.

For students, this helps create a sense of belonging, which is a key driver of student retention.

A Unified Approach for Advisors

Salesforce Advisor Link helps advisors be more efficient and proactive, so students can be more successful. From a single-screen interface, advisors can have richer conversations with students and better understand the issues that matter most.

With real-time insights, collaborative tools, and a platform for engaging students on every channel, your advisors can help students go further.

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Salesforce Advisor Link: Designed for the Art of Advising
"Advisor Link helps institutions remove all obstacles between the student and the advisor. It helps advisors be more efficient and creates the intuitive experience that today’s students expect. " – Joanna Iturbe, Strategic Project Manager & Sr. Business Analyst, University of Colorado Boulder

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Unified Advising Record

Manage your day on one screen through an advising console, giving advisors one view to understand a student’s engagement, academic program, affiliations, and more. All advisors and support staff can collaborate on a unified advising record over time, add advising notes and track activities so advisors can have meaningful interactions with students and provide the right service and support.

Simplified Mobile Appointment Booking

Advisors can define who they can meet with and what topics to meet on (e.g. Career, academic, financial), and students can see their advisor’s appointment availability, appointment cancellation policy and set an appointment right from their phone. It’s easy for the student/advisor to add to their calendar and come back later and look at meeting notes and tasks for follow-up.

Data-Informed Alerts

Many data points have to be considered when deciding if a student is at risk, but if that data resides in different systems, it’s easy to miss the signs. With Advisor Link you can bring that data together from your SIS, LMS, Degree Audit, predictive software, and other systems, and configure automated alerts based on that aggregated data. Faculty members and other staff can also log manual alerts that are routed to the advisor.

Mass Actions

With Mass Actions, advisors can put students on a path to success with only a few clicks using pre-built communication templates to send emails and texts for appointment reminders, important deadlines or words of encouragement.

Success Teams

Collaborate in real-time with other advisors and colleagues to help students succeed.
Make it easy for the advisee to connect with the right resource. For students, that means getting help when they need it right from their phone. When a student accesses Advisor Link, they can instantly see who is on their success team and connect with their academic advisor, career advisor, coach, financial aid advisor, or resident assistant.

Advising Notes

Put those spreadsheets away! With advising notes, advisors can keep up-to-date with each student, share notes across teams, monitor student progress and take proactive action as needed.

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