HEDA Compatibility Program

The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is the foundation for the Connected Campus, providing colleges and universities with a data model that supports extensibility and growth across the student lifecycle. HEDA offers a starting point for building innovative solutions, and creates a foundation for using Salesforce Services in Higher Education. This means that customers can build by leveraging continuous innovation from Salesforce.org. It also means that ISV partners can now create applications that target a defined data architecture and standards — making it easier than ever before to implement and connect ISV applications in a single Salesforce environment.

Our focus is to encourage the development of interoperable solutions as we continue to grow the HEDA ecosystem. This is why we are pleased to announce the HEDA Compatibility Program. This program represents a pivotal moment for all of us in the Salesforce.org ecosystem as we continue to collaborate, share experiences, and work together toward a common goal of transforming the student experience. The initiative is being led by Salesforce.org with contributions and guidance from seven of our ISV partners. With their input, we’ve designed an initial compatibility badge called HEDA Core Compatible.

This first level of HEDA compatibility addresses key core components of the HEDA architecture, geared towards ensuring that ISV partner applications help our customers succeed by putting the right data in the right places for their long-term reporting and connected campus needs. This HEDA Core Compatible badge signifies a partner’s commitment to HEDA and our collective Connected Campus vision.

Here’s what the HEDA Core Compatible standard evaluates: HEDA Core Compatible Standard Definition for ISVs

If an AppExchange Partner desired to have an integrated application be qualified as “HEDA Core Compatible,” please follow the instructions documented here. If eligible, ISV will be granted the HEDA Core Compatibility badge for a single year only. Partners are subject to periodic re-review to ensure compliance w/ defined standards. Any ISV can withdraw from the compatibility program at any time, but renewal of its compatibility rating will not be issued for the next or any subsequent partnership year.

Thank you for investing your time and talent to make this program a great success. By working together, we will continue to innovate and create solutions that matter for colleges and universities around the world.

Special thanks to the Pilot HEDA Core Compatible Partners for 2018: