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The Gaming for Good Podcast

Forget everything you think you know about gamers. It’s time to step away from tired old stereotypes that games are only for kids or reclusive basement dwellers. After all, the gaming industry is now worth around £137 billion – it’s bigger than TV and Hollywood.

Gaming is an immersive and interactive pastime, with a huge audience of people of all ages and backgrounds. And a growing number of charities are using online games and streams to engage with prospective supporters, build online communities, and drive donations.

For nonprofits who are new to this rapidly growing channel, it can be difficult to understand just exactly where to start which is why we’re excited to introduce our new documentary-style podcast ‘Gaming for Good’ where we speak to leaders and influencers in the industry including War Child UK who have won the most ‘Innovative Fundraising Strategy’ award from the Institute of Fundraising two years running for their gaming campaigns and have raised over £700,000 in donations for their efforts.


Episode 3 - Nonprofits Taking the Leap into Gaming

In episode 3 we showcase stories from trailblazing nonprofits on their journey to launching a Gaming for Good initiative. Featuring Norwegian Refugee Council, Women Win, and No Kid Hungry – hear different perspectives from gaining stakeholder buy-in, planning the first campaign, to integrating gaming into their fundraising and awareness strategy.

Episode 4 - Demystifying the Streaming Community

In episode 4, we talk to the streamers themselves and learn what motivates them to raise money for charities. Tune in for best practice advice on how you can engage in a meaningful way in order to raise funds for your cause.

Gaming for Good - Season Two

Welcome to season two of Gaming for Good! The only podcast that offers best practice advice from leading experts in the gaming world. Are you ready to tap into one of the fastest-growing digital fundraising streams? Let’s go! In season two, we cover new ways and topics on how nonprofits can create revenue in gaming. The best part? We have four binge-worthy bite-sized episodes, all ready to watch now for your viewing pleasure.