Engage Your Employees by Instilling Purpose in Your Workplace Culture

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 @ 11AM PT / 2PM ET

Employees want their companies to stand for something. Corporate volunteering programs allow companies to put their purpose into action while improving employee engagement and retention.’s Brandolon Barnett and Realized Worth’s Angela Parker will explore how and why implementing a volunteering program seems to make the biggest impact on employee engagement.

You can expect to learn about…

  • The benefits that come with workplace volunteering programs
  • The best and most effective programs companies are implementing
  • The evolution in how companies are thinking about employee volunteering and structuring their programs
  • The role technology has played in that evolution

About the Speakers

Angela Parker co-founded Realized Worth in 2008 with her partner, Chris Jarvis. Realized Worth helps companies develop transformative employee volunteer training courses, as well as volunteer and giving programs and employee engagement strategies. Angela’s work focuses on the practical application of transformative learning theory in corporate settings.

Brandolon Barnett is a Senior Product Manager for’s Philanthropy Cloud, a platform that connects employees to the causes they care about most. Brandolon has helped envision how technology can enable volunteering in the workplace.

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