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5 Key Trends Impacting Nonprofits

What does the future look like for nonprofits? Watch this webinar recording with sector experts that will discuss key trends facing nonprofits today and the role cloud technology is playing.

IDC estimates that the impact of net new spending on cloud computing from the end of 2017 will generate $217 billion in new funding for nonprofits over the next five years. This is good news for nonprofits given 77% are feeling the effects of increased interest and demand according to new research from the Nonprofit Trends Report.

In this webinar recording, experts will address the significance of new stats, including:

  • Only 31% of nonprofits have embraced tactics to understand donor giving preferences
  • 53% of nonprofits are easily collecting program data, but less than half know how to analyze that data
  • Only 21% of nonprofits are able to provide timely reports on program success, despite increased donor demand to understand impact
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