Navigating the Transforming Landscape of Higher Education Options for Strategic Innovation in Enrollment Management

The Higher Education landscape is in the midst of real transformation. How do we recruit the right students? How do we meet enrollment challenges? How do we use data to impact every phase of the student lifecycle from recruitment through retention? To meet the challenges of the next decade, institutions must recognize “where we’ve been”, “where are we”, and “where we are going” to understand how to solve the real issues facing them. Eduventures, the leading research and advising firm that is focused exclusively on analyzing the forces that are transforming higher education, will address the changing landscape facing higher education and unveil current research addressing these topics:

  • The current and future marketing for traditional learners
  • How to take a holistic approach to managing the enrollment funnel
  • Using technology as a strategic driver to foster innovation and change

This is the first webinar in a three-part series highlighting Recruitment and Enrollment Management solutions.

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