From Antique to Masterpiece How WGBH Became a Connected Nonprofit with Salesforce

If you’ve ever tuned in to your local PBS affiliate, it’s likely you’ve heard of WGBH or at least seen their logo at the end of a program. As the producer of shows like Antique Roadshow, Masterpiece, Nova, and American Experience, WGBH is the single largest producer of PBS and NPR content for TV, radio, and the web. As the leader in public media, WGBH has utilized Salesforce to strengthen both its own local stations as well as stations throughout the country.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how WGBH become a connected nonprofit using Salesforce to manage their direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, online marketing, pledge drives, member benefits, events and sponsorship. By providing a CRM that can store all those tools in one place, Salesforce has given WGBH a 360-degree look at its viewers and helped keep public media going strong.

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