"We’re already seeing lots more opportunities to use this CRM for other applications." - Carolyn Holroyde, Director of Marketing

The School of Management at University of Bradford Improve Enquiry to Application Rate

Bradford University School of Management has improved tracking of student applications through a CRM solution from Salesforce. The department was receiving around 100 enquiries mainly via email each week, and it was unable to log and respond to them in an efficient way. This problem was made worse as the SITS central database for student information would not integrate. Meaning all applications had to be manually checked against it.

The University department decided to see if a solution could be found so they could improve their response times and student recruitment success.

Bradford decided upon Salesforce in partnership with Fujitsu, to deal with enquiries it gets from potential students via all channels, including the website and email.

The new system can respond automatically to half of the requests they receive automatically, by giving enquirers the option to tick boxes to receive information that is relevant to their query. The CRM application also integrates with the SITS student information system so details can be matched automatically with those held there. This frees up staff to provide better responses to enquiries that cannot be dealt with automatically.

Although the Salesforce system is currently only being used by the School of Management, Bradford hopes to expand it to other departments, and to integrate it more with the university’s main applications system.

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