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Salesforce Employees use Volunteer Time Off to build schools with Surf For Life

Surf For Life is dedicated to improving the impact of tourism through community-based health and education projects. They work with local communities and partners to identify and design projects such as schools, health clinics, and community centers – creating sustainable projects by maximizing the level of community ownership and engagement. These projects are made reality through the passion and hard work of dedicated volunteers- many of whom have been Salesforce Employees.

While many employees choose to spread their 6 days of Volunteer Time Off over the course of the year, other choose to bundle them into one volunteering trip. For those who chose to volunteer abroad with Surf for Life, this has resulted in more than 27,417 volunteer hours for the organization and its projects around the world. Additionally, has contributed more than $775K to the organization through our team grant and donation matching program further demonstrating the power of our employees as they engage the 1-1-1 model.

One of these projects took place in El Manzano Uno, Nicaragua. There, most students stop attending school after 6th grade because the secondary school is over 60 miles from their town and too difficult to travel to. After 1,200 volunteer hours, endless support from local partners and meticulous planning by Surf for Life, El Manzano Uno had a new high school and a new opportunity for local students to stay in school past 6th grade.

Surf for life is one of the many examples of organizations engaging directly with Salesforce employees and the Foundation’s 1-1-1 model to further their mission. They have not only received more than 27,417 volunteer hours, but also more than $775K through the employee donation matching program.

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