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“The move to Salesforce has made our teams more efficient. We’re hoping to replicate this success in other departments across campus.” - Ravi Agarwal, Director of Enterprise Applications

St. Norbert College Saves Time and Money with Salesforce

The only Norbertine college in the world, St. Norbert is a four-year, Catholic liberal arts college located on the banks of the Fox River in De Pere, Wisconsin. The residential campus serves over 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students sourced from across the U.S. and more than 30 countries.

Like many other colleges and universities, the admissions team at St. Norbert historically would fill out several paper forms on the front end of the admission process and additional physical forms on the back end. The team had enough paperwork requiring manual entry into their SIS to have an impact on resources. Counselors managed relationships with prospective students in various places including Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and filed papers. This caused significant visibility issues for both management and counselors, as no single source of information existed. As a result, there was potential for a student to be contacted by counselors multiple times asking for the same information.

The advancement team faced department-wide visibility issues as well, since they had multiple places for recording data, including the SIS, Excel, Access, and paper forms. Gift officers, who are responsible for building relationships with donors and alumni, were challenged to find a single view of their constituents because of these scattered data sources. To gather information about a potential donor, gift officers would need to have office staff run reports from a combination of sources. The process sometimes delayed action and hindered a holistic view of the constituent. “There was no real-time access to data for our gift officers. Consequently, they ended up finding ways to track information on their own,” said Ravi Agarwal, Director of Enterprise Applications.

After implementing Salesforce, the admissions team was able to consolidate all of the scattered data into a single pane view for counselors to use. Prospect information is now visible to the entire department, eliminating any redundant or duplicate outreach. With online application forms that feed data directly into Salesforce, the time required to enter applications has been cut in half and over 215 SQL scripts have been eliminated. A bidirectional integration with St. Norbert’s SIS and other back-office systems triggers workflow rules that have decreased the total application processing time from over three weeks to under three days. In addition, St. Norbert has been able to cut their use of paper throughout the application process by 88%.

Instead of paper records and multiple methods of data capture, coaches in the athletics department also now track all data about prospective athletes in Salesforce, ranging from high school game statistics to positions played and test scores. “Salesforce helped our coaches and counselors get on the same page and created a unified approach in recruiting student athletes,” said Agarwal.

St. Norbert’s office of advancement no longer relies on Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Gift officers now have all of the information they need at their fingertips. Using the Salesforce1 mobile application, gift officers can view and update pertinent donor profiles and relationship details on the road.

The school’s admissions and advancement offices continue to see time and cost savings associated with their migration to Salesforce. “The move to Salesforce has made our teams more efficient. We’re hoping to replicate this success in other departments across campus,” said Agarwal.

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