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“With Salesforce, we’ll be able to drive our programmes out to more students and help them fulfill their potential in the digital age.” - Marjorie Lope, Global Head, International Baccalaureate Educators Network (IBEN)

International Baccalaureate creates a community of world-class IB schools and educators within Salesforce

International Baccalaureate has been inspiring students of the world since 1968. By combining high quality education with an ethos of respect and understanding, it aims to develop an internationally minded community for a more peaceful future. Now, it’s taken its philosophy digital, with online communities bringing together a network of schools, educators, and examiners.

“With multiple centres spanning three continents, aligning values and strategies globally is vital to our vision,” explained Marjorie Lope, Global Head, International Baccalaureate Educators Network (IBEN). “We want to continually improve the quality of our academic programmes and make it more accessible to schools around the world.”

To keep its high standards, International Baccalaureate must ensure consistency in how its programmes are delivered. Schools must comply with a number of standards and pass through a rigorous authorisation process before they can implement the programme. “We had an online system to manage the authorisation process,” said Pamela Bender, Head of Pre-Authorisation Services. “But we weren’t able to extract data from it, so we couldn’t identify trends and issues that might need addressing, such as if schools in a particular region were all struggling to meet certain criteria.”

Community spirit

This all changed in 2015 when International Baccalaureate launched both MySchool and IBEN Central. Developed on Community Cloud, MySchool enables schools going through the authorisation process to submit materials, track their progress and update their school action plan. “Although it’s still in development, MySchool is already the main platform for communications with the 400 or so schools that have most recently applied to join our academic programmes,” explained Bender.

To support its peer-to-peer teaching model, International Baccalaureate has also launched a second community for its 5,000-plus qualified educators, known as IBEN Central. “We rely on a pool of external educators to carry out training, attend events, and visit schools in the authorisation process,” said Lope. “With the Salesforce community, we can see our educator’s activity, how many we have for each role and who needs more training.”

Educators use the platform to view and apply for opportunities, and in the future will automatically be paid for their work via IBEN Central. When examiners are also brought onto the platform, International Baccalaureate will have over 30,000 users across the two communities, which are accessed via a single sign-on landing page, MyIB.

Details for all these users are captured in Sales Cloud. “Before, we had three or four systems, depending on where you were in the world capturing the same set of data in a disparate way, causing inaccuracy of our core data,” explained Bradley Szabo, Solutions Architect at International Baccalaureate. “Now we have a golden source of customer data used by the enterprise and accessible anywhere in the world.”

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, the outreach and development teams can also check customer details while on the road, and directly capture new leads while at conferences and events. As well as helping sales better understand the schools they’re selling to, using Sales Cloud means that the senior management team can ensure activities are aligned against global strategic initiatives.

Onwards and upwards

With the Salesforce implementation still in its infancy, International Baccalaureate plans to keep adding functionality and growing its network. “Our ultimate goal is to connect members of the IB community not only to us, but each other as well,” confirmed Lope. “We will also provide support through the platform that will enable us to track requests, the speed of response, and identify trends and issues.”

With all educator and school interactions tracked, International Baccalaureate will have the foundations in place for more focused planning and services. As Szabo explained, “Now we have all our data in one place we can run analytics and start predictive forecasting. It’s early days but we’re really excited to see how we can serve our stakeholders and students more effectively – we’ll soon have the information we need to ensure we’re asking the right questions and offering the right services.”

This will help it continuously improve its academic programmes and offer them more widely. “Digitalisation means the world is becoming a smaller place filled with opportunities that would previously have been out of reach for many of the world’s population,” concluded Lope. “With Salesforce, we’ll be able to drive our programme out to more students and help them fulfil their potential in the digital age.”

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