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“Being able to build and manage Giving Pages ourselves, as nontechnical fundraisers, gives us more control over our campaigns. And the integration with Salesforce frees us up to focus on other tasks." - Sidney Jackson, Director of Development, Immigration Equality

Immigration Equality Increases Efficiency and Visibility with Elevate

Immigration Equality is a nonprofit organization championing justice and equality on behalf of immigrants who are LGBTQ or living with HIV. For 25 years, the organization has provided legal services, advocated for policy change, and litigated for impact with the goal of providing a safe haven to families who are facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status. With a fundraising team of three, Immigration Equality runs as many as 50 giving campaigns per year and needs its technology to do the heavy lifting to serve more LGBTQ and HIV-positive asylum seekers in search of freedom and security.

In addition to adding and upgrading technology to enable digital transformation, team members had a number of considerable pain points. For instance, they didn’t have adequate visibility into their donors’ journeys or analytics around those journeys. They also saw a need to streamline communication among departments, which became especially apparent during the pandemic with everyone working remotely. Finally, they needed full Salesforce integration, so they could quickly analyze what was happening with every donation.


Giving Pages enables Immigration Equality to respond to current events quickly. The organization can set up a page in just a few minutes and then easily track the results from each page it creates.

Taking a Digital-First Approach with Elevate & NPSP

As part of its digital transformation, Immigration Equality’s fundraising team selected Stripe as its payment processor. That, along with an existing Salesforce relationship, set the organization up nicely to select Elevate, which includes Payment Services and Giving Pages. Both products work hand-in-hand with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), which the organization already had. Elevate is a suite of fundraising products that offers a new way to convert visitors into committed advocates and provides a management interface to engage donors, while streamlining the critical back-end functions of payments, CRM, and accounting.

Immigration Equality implemented Payment Services and Giving Pages, which allow companies to take a digital-first approach to fundraising and constituent engagement. Giving Pages also allows an organization to quickly create simple, robust pages with customizable ask ladders that adjust for users, pages, and gift recurrence.

Giving Pages personalizes the ask ladder using a formula and the donor’s giving history. This replicates personalized asks that were limited to direct mail in the past. All of the information gathered through the Giving Pages is stored in NPSP for future donor stewardship.

In addition, the fundraising team uses Salesforce Surveys to better understand its donors. The survey includes questions about how they learned about the organization and how informed they are about the issues, providing the team with a sense of how passionate each donor is about the organization’s mission. From there, the fundraising team determines who is most likely to donate and even how much they might donate. Team members use that information to segment donors and send them to a targeted Giving Page with messaging and an ask ladder that resonates with that segment.

Learn how Elevate can help integrate your fundraising operations and streamline the donor journey for your organization. Download the datasheet