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"Being able to adapt the content, live, within the platform allowed us to make it relevant for our community. Our communications were significantly more engaging than they had been in the past. It created an interactive process that brought employees back to the platform throughout the campaign." - Genevieve Biedron, HR Director, Procter & Gamble

Gillette Improves Employee Giving by 20% with Philanthropy Cloud


Gillette, a division of Procter & Gamble known for its grooming products, has had a longstanding relationship with United Way, including an established philanthropy program. Gillette’s 15-person United Way Campaign team offered a plethora of office-based giving and volunteering activities. Although they saw good outcomes, there was still some room for improvement.

For instance, the team would often measure progress toward its giving goals with a thermometer displayed in the cafeteria at headquarters. But not all employees worked at headquarters, so it had limited visibility. In addition, volunteering was done separately from fundraising, and logging volunteer hours was a laborious process that included an internal platform for signing up, then signing in at the event, and finally using those sign-ins to track hours after the fact. On the company’s previous platform, every time someone on the team needed to edit any campaign details, they’d have to submit a request and wait for someone else to make the edit.

Enter Philanthropy Cloud.  

Gillette’s instance of Philanthropy Cloud

Gillette’s instance of Philanthropy Cloud shows the company’s featured campaigns and content,
including an event calendar and all the ways Gillette is giving back to the community.


Gillette launched Philanthropy Cloud in October 2020 — a year fraught with uncertainty, instability, and unprecedented community need —and launched a four-week campaign. Since the company had people on-site throughout the pandemic, some were able to volunteer in person, donating products to homeless shelters, filling bags, and creating fine-motor kits for children. The platform also enabled the company to engage all employees – whether onsite or not – with updates, stories, and activities to help them understand the incredible need in the external community and to encourage them to help.

Blending Social Impact with Employee Resource Groups

For remote employees, Gillette offered virtual volunteering opportunities and loosened its definition of volunteering in general. For instance, the CSR team and United Way worked with Gillette’s Asian-American affinity group to arrange an educational webinar. They did another activity that walked employees through the budget and costs of a family of four to help employees understand the tough decisions families with limited incomes have to make. 

This was especially relatable and effective during the pandemic. Both events counted as volunteer time for attendees. Such seminars helped strengthen Gillette’s affinity groups and provided contextual purpose and meaning to employees’ time and donations. In fact, CSR leaders noticed an increase in giving to nonprofits among employees who had attended a related seminar.

Gillette’s campaigns were more effective, in part because with Philanthropy Cloud, the CSR team had complete control over their content. They could create, edit, and update it whenever they wanted, without having to submit requests to a third party. This saved time, provided additional flexibility, and made them more agile and able to respond to changing needs and circumstances. They were also able to report on progress and share stories quickly, which motivated employees to keep coming back to the platform throughout the course of the campaign.

Another welcome capability was that they were able to keep all campaign materials in one place. In Philanthropy Cloud, the CSR team managed campaigns, volunteer opportunities, donation pages, and inspiring stories that moved employees to act. They could track donations and volunteer hours and measure giving and volunteering against causes, nonprofits, and even the Sustainable Development Goals. This gives the team key insight into how its employees are engaging, what they’re most interested in, and what activities they should plan going forward. 


The employees at Gillette came through for their community: 

  • The average gift went up by 20%. 
  • Volunteering increased by 5% despite a pandemic and many working remotely. 
  • The IT department had fewer help requests on this platform than they typically did with the previous one. 
  • The CSR team’s content creation process was simplified and streamlined. 

For the first time, all employees had the same access to information, including total dollars given and hours volunteered. They could see the same campaigns, volunteering opportunities, and community needs. Seeing their contributions add up in real time made them feel like they were making a difference and further encouraged them to engage.

While Philanthropy Cloud’s intuitive interface made giving, signing up for volunteering, and logging hours easy and rewarding, the increases noted here were also due to the increased need created by the pandemic and other crises of 2020 and, of course, the generosity of Gillette’s employees. and United Way are committed to developing businesses into platforms of change, empowering employees and customers to put their values into action.

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