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Fresno Pacific University rolls out a recruiting app in 1 month

Fresno Pacific University, a fully accredited independent Christian university, needed a flexible technology platform that could keep pace with rapid innovation without requiring additional IT resources or expensive, time-consuming upgrades. An existing student information system lacked the desired functionality and agility needed to manage current and future processes and departments were trying to bridge the technology gap with different solutions, creating a complex patchwork of systems that didn’t work well together and were difficult for IT to manage.

Fresno Pacific deployed and Chatter as a student recruiting platform in early 2010 and it now serves more than 140 users. Leads from community events and from the university’s web site flow directly into Salesforce, where they are routed to staff members based on level of interest. All student application materials—including grades, letters of recommendation, and transcripts—are tracked in Salesforce. Employees in different physical locations use Chatter to form relationships and create a sense of camaraderie, making it easier for new employees to quickly get up to speed and feel part of a virtual team. The success of the initial rollout has led to an expanded use of the platform which now includes recruiting for Graduate Degree Completion, advancement donor management, academic tutoring and project management.

Fresno Pacific University built apps on the cloud platform to meet the university’s specific requirements in just 1 month at a significant cost savings thanks to the discounts and donations offered to universities by Ultimately, the new system has led to improved communication and collaboration among departments and coworkers.

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