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Epilepsy Foundation

See how Epilepsy Foundation used Salesforce to increase data quality, reduce administrative time and cost, and, overall, increase efficiency.
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Epilepsy Foundation Reduces Duplicate Donor Records With Salesforce Accelerators

Over 3 million people live with epilepsy and seizures, and for almost 50 years the Epilepsy Foundation has been working to ensure that every one of them has the opportunity to live life to its fullest potential. The Epilepsy Foundation initially adopted Salesforce to help with fundraising and development efforts, which are vital to ensuring the organization is able to continue running its programs, advocating locally and nationally and educating those in need.

The organization started with Sales Cloud, third party applications from the AppExchange and Premier Success, the latter of which gave them to access to Salesforce Accelerators. Accelerators offer Salesforce customers a faster path to results by providing focused services and expertise for specific business challenge endeavors such as implementation, onboarding, analysis and data management.

‘Clean Data is Good Data’

Preventing duplicate records in Sales Cloud was a huge priority for Epilepsy Foundation fundraisers who constantly reach out to important donors. Having the right donor information may be the difference between getting a new or recurring donation and having a bad interaction with a donor over misinformation. According to Heidi Meireles, Director of Philanthropy Operations, “Clean data is good data and our team focuses on developing a 360 degree view of every donor to raise more funds so ultimately we can continue to run our programs.” Yet after merging 30 years worth of data on iMIS Engagement Management System with Salesforce, their data was far from clean. Fundraisers would reach out to her multiple times a day to confirm the correct donor or prospect record.

Deduping for Better Donor Data

To solve this problem, the Epilepsy Foundation selected the Salesforce Duplicate Management Accelerator which focuses on establishing a deduplication process and alerting and preventing users from entering duplicate records. For the Epilepsy Foundation, implementing the Accelerator meant working with a specialist who had deep technical knowledge in deduplication.

First, a Salesforce Specialist met with the team in a one-on-one consultation where the Specialist analyzed the organization’s current methods. It was soon discovered that the Epilepsy Foundation did not have a deduplication process in place, even though the team thought something similar had been implemented in the past. This discovery provided a huge opportunity to drive change and allowed the development team to be more efficient in their fundraising efforts.

Next, the Specialist was able to log into the system, implement the deduplication process in a few days and train the tech team on the process using backup data.

Accelerating Impact and Staff Efficiency

Once complete, the Accelerator was exactly what the Epilepsy Foundation needed to fundraise more effectively. Once the Specialist attained an in-depth understanding of the problem, she identified the technology needed and was able to implement the Accelerator in less than a week. Says Meireles, “Not having fundraisers ask me about duplicate records multiple times a day to ensure they have correct donor information has taken a huge load off my shoulders.” Now, users are alerted if they are entering a duplicate record, and the organization runs a weekly duplicate report and finds a much smaller list than before. Overall, the organization has seen an increase in data quality, a reduction in administrative time and cost and an overall increase in efficiency.