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Learn how Salesforce helps Endeavor, a nonprofit which mentors entrepreneurs in emerging markets, manage their operations in 16 different countries.
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Endeavor mentors high-impact entrepreneurs in an effort to support economic growth in emerging markets

Endeavor, a nonprofit organization that mentors high-impact entrepreneurs to support economic growth in emerging and growth markets, needed a system to manage its global organizational processes. Prior to moving to Salesforce, the organization used Excel spreadsheets to track metrics including entrepreneur goals, volunteer participation, and jobs created. They wanted an on-demand system that could be quickly deployed in multiple languages in their offices across the U.S., Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

With the help of Salesforce partner Business Endurance Solutions, Endeavor initially deployed Salesforce CRM Enterprise Edition to more than 100 users worldwide, and migrated data from all of their legacy systems and imported it into Salesforce in 2004. Endeavor built custom applications to manage and monitor their program participant selection process, analyze project performance, and more.

Additionally, they built an integration with QuickBooks that enables 360-degree business views and detailed profitability measurement by project and region. To keep their calendars and activities in sync and up to date, they also implemented Salesforce for Google Apps with Appirio Calendar Sync for Salesforce. Since implementation, Endeavor has grown to more than 250 users, rolled out Chatter for widespread adoption, and installed a variety of Salesforce applications including Cirrus Insight, which helps staff track communications, and Form Assembly, which syncs online forms directly with their contacts.

Using, Endeavor quickly built custom tools and applications to manage all their operations in 16 different countries. has helped them add value to their offices and entrepreneurs by providing better services for minimal monetary investment.

Salesforce also helped to revolutionize the organization’s marketing efforts, not only by organizing mailing list recipients but by directly syncing with the back end of the organization’s website. Now, basic information about board members, staff, and 700+ entrepreneurs supported by the program are displayed publicly on the web, and updated in real time through the Salesforce platform.

With Salesforce, Endeavor has dramatically increased their productivity by gaining access to real-time data and reporting from all of its teams across the globe. Using dashboards, their program managers can quickly review metrics for more informed and efficient decision-making, and weekly reporting helps them drive accountability across their organization.

Finally, having a data repository helps them share information and best practices across markets, and preserves organizational learning.