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"For the first time, managers can get a feel for the workload of recruiters because of analytics run in Salesforce." - Dr. Lynne Hamre, Chief Information Officer

College of St. Scholastica Uses Salesforce to Create ‘Dream Screen’ for Recruiters

Having just celebrated its centennial in 2012, The College of St. Scholastica is an independent private college founded on Catholic Benedictine values. In the last decade, the school has almost doubled undergraduate and graduate program enrollment and has expanded its physical campus presence from Minnesota to Arizona. With a commitment to making high-quality education available online and on evenings and weekends, St. Scholastica is seeing most of its enrollment growth in these non-traditional learning programs.

This exceptional enrollment growth, coupled with an outdated data management tool that was going “end-of-life,” posed a problem for the enrollment team and its small army of recruiters in 2013. This presented an opportunity to look for a more efficient and robust CRM that met their needs for greater flexibility and reporting capabilities. “We asked our recruiters to create a ‘dream screen’ – a wish list screen with everything they wanted to see to do their day-to-day job,” said Roberta Oberpriller, Manager of Business Analysis and Project Management. St. Scholastica selected Salesforce knowing they wanted something that could eventually scale institution-wide, and because of Salesforce’s ability to make the “dream screen” a reality.

St. Scholastica implemented Salesforce and integrated the new tool with their student information system and website to give recruiters access to pertinent data in one place. Student data captured from the website is now stored in Salesforce, eliminating manual data entries that were formerly required and duplicate records that were often a byproduct. Since data sourced from multiple places is stored and tracked in Salesforce, reporting has become a much more manageable task and allowed for analytics that simply couldn’t be run before. “For the first time, managers can get a feel for the workload of recruiters because of analytics run in Salesforce,” said Dr. Lynne Hamre, Chief Information Officer.

The marketing team has also taken advantage of Salesforce, specifically in creating communication plans for recruiters. Automated, personalized emails are now sent out based on a prospect’s tracked interests. Internally, communications and collaboration have also improved through the use of Salesforce Chatter. Recruiters and marketers now collaborate via Salesforce Chatter to create consistent approaches when interacting with prospective students and applicants. The IT team uses Chatter to interact internally with employees about IT tickets and data-related questions. With the Salesforce1 mobile application, IT can remain responsive to questions and tickets even when they’re not in the office – ensuring no disruption in employees’ workflow.

A single four-hour training session was all that was required to ramp teams up on Salesforce. “Adoption has just not been an issue,” said Hamre. With the success both enrollment and marketing have had using Salesforce, St. Scholastica looks to expand the application to their online advisement and OneStop services teams, engaging in more inquiries and enhancing interactions.

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