"We've created a seamless mobile experience for our patients and volunteers." - Donald Manelli, Founder and CEO of Care Harbor

Care Harbor Launches a Free Health Clinic for the 21st Century on App Cloud

Today, more than 30 million Americans are living without health insurance. Many more are unable to afford their high deductibles, or have no dental or vision coverage. Care Harbor is on the front lines of the effort to close these gaps in our healthcare system. The organization transforms large venues like the LA Sports Arena into massive working clinics. The uninsured, underinsured and unemployed have access to care they desperately need – from dental fillings, extractions and root canals to primary and specialty medical care; from eye exams and prescription glasses to immunizations, screenings and preventive care. Everything is provided free to the patient. The organization has transformed the free clinic model from episodic to sustainable care with the addition of extensive wellness and follow-up resources. Care Harbor works to make a lasting change in the health of the people served, benefiting them and the community at large.

Each clinic is a monumental undertaking that presents major IT challenges. Over the course of every event, Care Harbor needs to operate a system capable of registering some 3.000 professional and lay volunteers, recording the intake and discharge of 1,000 patients daily, tracking the more than 20,000 services they receive, and connecting patients needing follow-up care to local clinics and practices. With the high volume of in-need individuals and families relying on the free clinic, and the sensitivity of their medical data, downtime and glitches are not an option.

With the power of App Cloud, Care Harbor enables volunteers and staff to run much of the mega-clinics end-to-end from their mobile phones and tablets. Patients who come to Care Harbor receive a scannable wristband that uniquely identifies them. As they move through the clinic, patients receive medical, dental and vision care. The clinicians scan the patient’s wristband, instantly updating an electronic medical record that is securely stored in Salesforce.

“Because this data is flowing in constantly, we don’t have to wait until the event is over to know how we’re doing. We can see how many patients we’re serving up to the minute, and segment that data in meaningful ways,” says Donald Manelli, Founder and CEO of Care Harbor.

The mobile app also automates the check-in process for volunteers, making it easy for them to sign in and out, and recording volunteer attendance, hours, affiliations and other key metrics for event management. This allows the Care Harbor staff to better manage the volunteer force and focus future recruiting efforts more precisely, while improving the onsite experience for every volunteer.

Care Harbor worked with zPaper, a Salesforce Partner, and Salesforce.org to develop the mobile app. Eric Stephens, Founder and CTO of zPaper, says, “For the Care Harbor event in 2012, we built the app to track patient services. Then, we were able to add a full mobile experience for volunteers at the event in 2013, thanks to the flexibility and agility of App Cloud.”

When the 4 days of a typical Care Harbor mega-clinic have ended, the Care Harbor team uses Salesforce to analyze event data to improve their operational efficiency, target future community outreach, quantify the value of care delivered, and improve quality of the clinic experience for patients, volunteers, and partners.

Salesforce has helped Care Harbor revolutionize the free clinic model for the most vulnerable in our communities with its focus on quality care, prevention, and follow-up for those who need it.. “People are going to continue to need access to care, and healthcare reform is addressing that, but not fully,” says Manelli. “We’re a temporary clinic, but we’re not about temporary care. We want to create lasting improvement in the lives of the patients we serve.”

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