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"Salesforce has become invaluable in managing multiple simultaneous projects." - Simon Parker, Director of the Knowledge Transfer Centre

Cardiff University Improves Customer Service with Centralised CRM System

Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Transfer Centre have rolled out Salesforce’s CRM solution in a bid to improve response times and service in their departments.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning, sells professional certifications and part-time training courses to businesses and the public and the Knowledge Transfer Centre provides businesses with access to the Cardiff School of Engineering’s research. Both departments had previously relied upon an offline, spreadsheet-based system to manage its courses.

Both departments had similar problems, the systems they were using was unable to provide the visibility they needed of their customers and their requests, which resulted in them both losing business opportunities. Furthermore, data was being held in different location leading to duplication and redundant data.

The departments approached Salesforce, in partnership with Fujitsu to configure and implement the systems to resolve the challenges they both faced.

With the new Salesforce solution, staff can now access up-to-date information about course booking sales, delegates and trainers, more quickly online. Staff can also analyse the data to quickly identify popular courses and make provisions for these.

The new system now enables the centre, through a single online hub, to track and manage the customer engagement, providing a single-view record of each customer with details about each time they contact the university. There is no more redundant data and they have a complete view of opportunities throughout their pipeline so always have control of their business.

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