"We're finding that once different areas of campus get into Salesforce, they’re immediately seeing the value and asking for more it" - Chuck LoCurto, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Bryant University

Driving Efficiency Across Bryant University

On its path to becoming a Connected Campus, Bryant University searched for an efficient way to engage its vast ecosystem of prospects, students, alumni, corporate partners, and more. The university was challenged with finding a way to efficiently track interactions and communicate with all of its constituents in meaningful ways. Consequently, Bryant focused attention on areas of high need across campus to help automate, track and improve processes. One quick win led to another, and transformation, powered by Salesforce, is now sprouting all over campus. “We’re finding that once different areas of campus get into Salesforce, they’re immediately seeing the value and asking for more it,” said Chuck LoCurto, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

It all started with Bryant’s Hassenfeld Institute – a division that educates political leaders and holds high-profile events. At the Institute, relationship management is crucial to success. Migrating off of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and handwritten notes, the Institute started tracking all constituent communication in Salesforce. “Having all of this data in one place, visible to everyone, has made a huge difference in the way we interact with this group,” said Christine Bigwood, Manager of University Business Systems. Teams are now equipped with the historical data needed to deliver personalized messaging, foster meaningful interactions, and pick up conversations that may have gone cold.

The Executive Development Center and Chaffee Center for International Business were next to follow suit. Instead of creating individual profiles for prospects and companies in Word documents, both centers now use Salesforce as a single place to track all interaction, create follow-up tasks, and manage relationships. Using the Salesforce1 mobile app, teams can also make updates to records and log activity while on the road – something they weren’t able to do before. With anytime, anywhere access to data, staff and faculty are no longer tied to their desks. “People can actually take vacation now and not worry. Everyone has visibility into the data in Salesforce – regardless of where they’re at,” explained Eric Goodrich, Senior Application Developer.

Bryant University has even extended their use of Salesforce within their International Affairs Division. International staff and faculty are organizing and managing all new contacts and associated communication in Salesforce. With Salesforce’s multi-lingual capabilities, the university’s Chinese campus will be able to make full use of the system in Chinese, while the North American campus can monitor, track, and report on everything in English.

Beyond Contact Management

Bryant University has expanded its usage beyond contact management to also recruit prospective students. By integrating Salesforce with the university’s SIS, admissions staff has all of the information it needs to manage prospective students throughout the admissions cycle. They are recruiting top talent from around the globe by sending personalized communication, tracking event attendance, and managing important application documents in Salesforce.

The university began creating retention profiles for at-risk students in Salesforce as well. By tracking groups of students in campaigns, counselors can quickly identify which students require immediate attention and intervene. Before Salesforce, counselors managed this process with countless email chains, spreadsheets, and large, in-person meetings. “Salesforce allows us to identify and help more students because we have all of the data we need in one place,” said LoCurto.

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