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Changing the way teachers teach and students learn: The Bronx Lab School builds inspiring student tracking application on

The Bronx Lab School, a Bill and Melinda Gates foundation school in New York City for low income families, sought a tool to measure and track student performance. The school needed to hit a 90 percent attendance level in order to maintain the autonomy to make decisions regarding hiring, teaching, and learning independent of a regional superintendent. An arcane legacy system generated inaccurate numbers that failed to reflect the actual number of students.

Using the power of the platform, The Bronx School Lab easily built a customized solution with no IT support, deploying it to 12 users in one month. Salesforce CRM provides them real-time access to data on student progress and delivers daily updates to advisors, parents, and teachers. A custom counseling tab helps the school social worker manage and track counseling sessions, and the guidance counselor tracks grades and credits using Salesforce CRM, running all transcripts through the app. A Homework tab connects parents to the school Web site so they can see homework assigned to their children.

The solution has transformed the way the school manages student information. The school stays on top of things like demerits and attendance; administrators and teachers can see trends and efficiently solve problems and enhance performance.Success of the application at The Bronx Lab School led to its use at 30 other similar schools in New York. Salesforce CRM is poised to become a digital portfolio for each student through their four years—recording not only attendance and behavior, but learning progress. The system will make it more effective to create reports required to attract future funding.

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