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"I love that Philanthropy Cloud is a one-stop shop. Employees can find opportunities, get details for events, make donations, and learn about their community — all within the platform." - Wendy Nugent, Community Impact Program Manager, Automobile Club of Southern California

One Centralized Platform Helps Auto Club Enterprises Give Back

Auto Club Enterprises has strong values and a long history of giving back with United Way. The conglomerate, which is the largest AAA in the U.S. and encompasses auto clubs in 21 states, wanted a volunteering platform to help organize and promote employee volunteer events and chose Philanthropy Cloud to launch its volunteer time off (VTO) program. 

Initially, the company had no plans to use the solution for workplace giving because it had always done big in-person giving campaigns. So when the company launched Philanthropy Cloud in January 2020, it did so with only volunteering opportunities. Employees enthusiastically signed up and appreciated the platform’s ease of use. 

Digital Transformation: Giving Back During a Pandemic

Then COVID-19 hit. Employees started working remotely, and all the company’s in-person events were canceled. All the campaigns the CSR team had painstakingly planned went into question. Thankfully, Philanthropy Cloud was already in place, and Auto Club was able to quickly pivot to virtual giving campaigns. Administrators were extremely creative with the platform, using it to accept donations for its Webex-based telethon, change collection jars, and more. In each case, employees donated through the platform in real time. 

My Club Cares Telethon screenshot

The result? Employees’ average gift amount increased, and the company raised more than $760,000 in just two weeks. Auto Club Enterprises managed to continue giving to the causes and organizations it cares about most, even during a pandemic. And employees now have a one-stop shop for all their giving and volunteering activities. and United Way are committed to developing businesses into platforms of change, empowering employees and customers to put their values into action.

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