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Building resilience for the education and nonprofit sectors.

Reopening Safely

"Building resilience for the education and nonprofit sectors is our highest priority. In order to support our community and help schools, universities, and nonprofits emerge from crisis stronger, we’ve launched, a suite of apps, expertise, and services to help organizations make critical decisions on when and how to reopen safely and evolve as we all move into the next normal. brings together the full power of health experts and the Salesforce ecosystem to help leaders assess when to reopen, while keeping employees, partners, and communities safe and informed during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond." - Rob Acker, CEO,

How can you lead through this crisis and prepare for tomorrow?

Work and School From Home During Crisis


We’re here to help you execute a crisis response plan and continue to run your organization productively during lockdown. Digital solutions, combined with expert advice and best practices from our community can help you create a Stabilization V2MOM, establish a crisis command center, make swift resource decisions, and support employee wellness. Find trusted COVID-19 global data from our community of experts on our Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub.

Student Studying Alone

Reopen can help you put systems and processes in place to ensure the safety of every campus, employee, faculty & staff member, client, and volunteer. This includes solutions designed for returning to the workplace and emergency response operations, such as monitoring employee and visitor health and wellness; helping with facilities preparedness and employee shift scheduling; and automating and scaling emergency response management and manual contact tracing. The Workplace Command Center can help you monitor readiness for returning to the workplace, make data-driven decisions, and take action.

Practicing Social Distancing in the workplace


As nonprofits and education institutions are finding ways to address fundraising challenges, engage their communities, and transform their operations for the future, we’re here to help you maximize your impact. Through virtual open-source sprints, advisory councils, and the Power of Us Hub, our customers are coming together to share best practices and insights on how to evolve their institutions.

Sri Mishra, CTO - JDRF

Sri Mishra CTO, JDRF

“When the pandemic hit, our 700 employees across 70+ offices, were able to work remotely immediately, and securely – thanks primarily to the investment we’ve made in data, technology and digital transformation, with Salesforce. Work hasn’t stopped at JDRF, it’s been reimagined – how we fundraise, drive engagement with our community, and find a cure for T1d – we’re prepared for the new normal, and most importantly, we’re able to continue driving our mission from anywhere.”


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