Getting Ready to Reopen Safely.

Build a structured approach, mapped to your readiness.

A Path Forward, Together

Whether it be an economic or public health crisis, nonprofits continue to rise to the challenge of doing more with less. And when our global community is forced to adapt more quickly than ever before, it is imperative to come together. The Nonprofit Cloud team is here to support nonprofits of all shapes, sizes, and missions to build a more resilient organization ready to respond effectively as communities reopen. From stabilizing operations in order to respond to immediate demands, to assessing when and how to reopen the workplace safely, to evolving to meet the next normal, Nonprofit Cloud is the single trusted platform to emerge from this crisis stronger and continue to drive change for good.

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How can you lead through this crisis and prepare for tomorrow?

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Stabilize Operations

When the world stops, missions simply can’t. In order to respond to immediate demands, Nonprofit Cloud helps organizations stabilize operations quickly and execute robust, in-crisis response to protect and run the organization during lockdown. Staff can digitally collaborate, communicate, and be productive–anytime, anywhere– while scaling fundraising across digital channels, and continuing to deliver services to clients. Leadership can gain a unified view of publicly available data-sets alongside employee health and safety information to create action plans that protect staff and keep the mission running.

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Reopen Safely

Reopening in this next normal is a challenge. To help nonprofits assess readiness and how to do it safely, provides a platform with expert advice, trusted data, and powerful technology solutions. Leaders can better guide re-entry to the workplace with a command center and apps for employee wellness and workforce staffing. Advisory services and best practices from experts help facilities reimagine physical workspaces for the new world. Employees can receive training on new policies and skills for their evolving organization with new content kits from Salesforce’s learning platform, myTrailhead.

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Evolve and Thrive

Making the move to digital is no longer optional, it’s imperative to emerge stronger from this crisis. With Nonprofit Cloud, organizations have one integrated platform to manage their missions, drive efficiency, and accelerate impact. Development teams can create digital moments and increase the diversity of their revenue sources to be more resilient for uncertain times. Marketers can put data to use in redesigning constituent journeys and deepening personalization to create lifelong supporters. Staff can have the right tools to deliver uninterrupted programs and services to communities in need. Nonprofits have an opportunity to evolve and become agile organizations poised for future success.

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For us, it's about more than providing the best technology. It's about changing the world. Through our philanthropic programs, we work with organizations like yours to create lasting impact.

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