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Workplace Giving.

Collective Impact and Employee Engagement All in One Purposeful Place.

Philanthropy at Your Fingertips

Employees need a way to align their personal and professional values, companies need a way to optimize corporate social responsibility programs, and nonprofits need a way to expand their donor and volunteer networks. We aim to connect every employee to the causes they are most passionate about and empower them to change the world.

Features & Benefits


Effortlessly Maximize Impact

Philanthropy Cloud gives you a simple and intuitive interface that empowers your employees to make donations of their choice and increase workplace giving. You can also organize, promote, and operationalize your social impact programs and amplify your impact with Matching Gifts.

Get Started

Discover Ways to Give Back

With so many nonprofits to choose from, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Philanthropy Cloud leverages Salesforce Einstein AI technology to intelligently sift through millions of opportunities, helping employees discover the most personally meaningful ways to give back.

Accessible in the Palm of Your Hand

Now available for both iOS and Android, Philanthropy Cloud provides employees full visibility into their social impact footprint from any device. It also gives them visibility into their personal impact history.

Philanthropy Cloud giving dashboard

Measure Your Personal and Corporate Impact

Showing business value for corporate philanthropy is often challenging but is essential to success. Philanthropy Cloud includes reporting tools that let companies access and analyze their employee engagement data and impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Customizable to Your Organization

Companies can add their corporate brand identity to Philanthropy Cloud by adding their logo and custom color palette, which are carried throughout the platform to create a seamless experience for employees. Companies can also drive engagement by adding company-specific content, such as stories of giving back, corporate campaigns, and volunteer opportunities.

Philanthropy at Scale Philanthropy Cloud is designed with performance and scale in mind. Companies and their employees can connect to more than 1.5 million causes and charitable organizations and stay up to date on current activities and progress through a rich content publishing and sharing environment.

Ready to learn more?

Download our Employee Giving Snapshot to learn how Philanthropy Cloud can help you drive impact for your community, reinforce your company’s purpose, give your employees a sense of belonging, and improve brand perception.

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