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Philanthropy Cloud turns employees into citizen philanthropists by empowering them to give back and make change.

Employee-Driven Philanthropy

Corporate social responsibility has been turned upside down. A new generation of employees has entered the workforce. They value purpose as much as a paycheck. They care deeply about their personal impact and employer’s social impact. But how do you connect every employee’s individual passions to the right opportunities to give back? Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud is the corporate impact platform designed for this new era of giving. Give every employee access to a global network of opportunities to donate, volunteer, and advocate for any cause.

Doing good is good for business

Help your company attract new talent, keep employees engaged, and build stronger customer relationships.

Philanthropy Cloud

Workplace Giving

Open your workplace to employee-driven philanthropy by letting employees drive and fulfill giving campaigns individually or as groups to the causes they care the most about.

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Employee Volunteering

Boost employee engagement and morale with purpose-driven volunteering, letting them manage their volunteer time and select or get matched with nonprofits in need and that fit their convictions or interests.

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Philanthropy Cloud

Matching Gifts and Grants

Seamlessly manage the entire life cycle of philanthropic giving — from eligibility and application to grants distribution and real-time outcome tracking.

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Impact Reporting

Track employee giving and volunteering in real time to see your company’s collective impact. Track progress against causes, organizations, and even the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Philanthropy Cloud’s mobile app enables mobile giving and volunteering for employees


Enable mobile giving and volunteering. Philanthropy Cloud’s mobile app allows employees to explore new causes, donate to nonprofits, enroll in volunteer opportunities, and log hours — all from their mobile device.

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Doing good is good for business. To find out exactly how good it could be for your business, explore our ROI calculator, which takes into account your current expenses and calculates potential savings.

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