Employee Volunteering.

Volunteering brings employees together and engages them in ways work cannot.

Volunteering Has Its Benefits

Volunteers often say they receive much more than they give. You could say the same for businesses. Companies that engage in volunteering transform their culture, attract and retain talent, and improve brand reputation — all while giving back to their communities. We make planning, promoting, and tracking volunteer opportunities easy, so your company can quickly reap the benefits of giving back.

Volunteering Has Never Been Easier

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Support Any Cause in Any Way at Any Time

Philanthropy Cloud is all about empowering employees to engage with their communities however they choose, whether that’s with time and skills or a generous donation. That’s why both giving and volunteering opportunities are presented side by side, in one simple interface.


Flexible Volunteering Options

Employees have options for how to give their time. They can serve on a board or become a mentor. They can sign up for a shift at a soup kitchen, offer pro bono legal advice, or organize their colleagues to offer their marketing, finance, and IT skills to a local nonprofit. All types of opportunities are available in Philanthropy Cloud.


Personalized Opportunities

Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence layer, serves up volunteering and donating opportunities directly to employees based on their skills, preferences, location, and activity on the platform. Employees aren’t limited to skills they already have, though. They can also choose volunteering assignments that allow them to develop desired skills.

Philanthropy Cloud giving dashboard

Grassroots Champions for Good

Volunteers leave every activity with something special: a story to tell. For the champions among us, Philanthropy Cloud makes it easy to generate volunteer opportunities and mobilize peers. We see a future in which volunteers can engage their employee resource groups (ERGs), share their stories and experiences, and tell others about the impact they had on their community, inspiring others to join their cause.

volunteer participation report

Real-Time Tracking and Metrics

As soon as dollars are donated or hours are tracked, individuals immediately see their numbers increase on their dashboard, providing instant feedback. Administrators can see at a glance how their employees collectively prefer to contribute to which causes, allowing them to tailor future campaigns and events to their staff.

A Mobile-First Interface

The Philanthropy Cloud app keeps volunteers in the loop and lets them share their experiences in real time to spread their enthusiasm and bring more awareness to the causes they support. The app gives access to all employees, whether they’re behind a desk, on a manufacturing floor, or at a shipping dock. They can manage their opportunities, inspire others, and make giving back contagious right from their mobile devices.

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