Upgrading to Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0

As you might know, you are currently an administrator-level user for your Salesforce org running the Nonprofit Starter Pack application! As such, your organization is eligible for an upgrade to NPSP v3 – which includes load of new features and functionality – all at no cost.

Critical new features and functionality included in NPSP v3 include:

  • A new Household Account model that makes it easier for you to manage households including the ability to have primary affiliations
  • Support for multiple and seasonal addresses, as well as 3rd-party address verification
  • A new Donation Allocations App
  • A new data importer specifically for the NPSP
  • A new Health Check tool to check your data for inconsistencies
  • Full Salesforce1 mobile App enablement
  • Easier control through a new centralized NPSP settings tab
  • Faster load and response times
  • Automatic upgrades of future releases

To ensure you are taking best advantage of the NPSP and Salesforce, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version.

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